Gift Ideas For Dogs

4 Practical Gifts for Your Dog 

With Christmas just weeks away, it’s time to get your Christmas shopping in order. You probably have a few great stocking stuffer ideas for your family and friends, but there may be someone you’re yet to buy for—your beloved dog. With all the madness of Christmas prep, it’s understandable that you neither have the time or energy to think of a gift that your dog will love. That’s why we’ve put together this guide of the top gifts that will have your four-legged wagging their tail in excitement.

A New Collar

When it comes to Christmas presents for your dog, many of you will be looking for something practical that will last for years to come. That’s why upgrading the basics is a fantastic idea. The best place to start is with your dog’s collar. If you’ve been taking care of your dog for many years, their collar has no doubt seen better days. So why not treat them to a brand new one?


We recommend a comfortable collar that comes in a range of colors including red, blue, black, and milk chocolate. The collar has a number of attributes that make it equally luxurious and practical. For starters, it’s made with sustainable, 100% real Italian leather. It’s also anti-allergic, anti-matting, anti-rubbing, and anti-irritating. With so many benefits, you won’t need to feel guilty about treating your dog to something nice.

A New Leash

Speaking of upgrading, another excellent gift idea is to surprise your dog with a new leash. As you’ll know if you’ve been through a few already, leashes vary considerably in terms of quality. The cheap ones will not only scratch at your dog, they will easily fray and fall apart. Not only does this make a significant difference in how comfortable different collars for your dog to wear, but it also impacts how economical it is for you to buy one in the first place.


That’s why a stylish HUND leash is a smart buy. Like our collar, this leash is made with the best Italian leather that is built to last. There are also a range of color options to select from, such as cream/brown brass and blue/black solid chrome. Unlike regular leashes which come in one length and width, our leash comes in three widths and three lengths. This makes it incredibly versatile, and means you won’t need to worry anymore about switching leashes when your dog’s needs change.

Gourmet Snacks

One gift your dog is sure to happily gobble up are quality snacks. While the snacks you buy in the supermarket may be your usual go-to, for Christmas, you will want to treat them to something extra special. But before you go out and buy the fanciest-looking snacks, be mindful that they might not necessarily be healthy for your dog.


“Many dog owners aren’t aware that most dog treats on the market are completely unhealthy for them,” says Angela Stringfellow, a dog expert at Pet Life Today. “For this reason, it’s important to be discerning when picking out dog treats—steer clear of any that have an abundance of ingredients you can’t pronounce, and look for all natural options.” One snack company that ticks all these boxes is Fetch! Dog Treats. The company has created a variety of nutritious treats that use whole ingredients such as vanilla, pumpkin, and oat flour. The entire line is also proudly free of wheat, corn, soy, animal byproducts, meal, chemical preservatives and certified (FD&C) coloring.

A Multi-Functional Ball Toy

We all know the importance of ensuring our dogs stay active, so why not wrap up a gift that will make it fun too? Idepet’s Dog Toy Ball is one toy that won’t end up in the growing pile of toys your dog no longer uses. Just ask the 400+ dog owners who gave it an average rating of four stars.


So what’s so special about this ball? As you can tell if you take a look at it, it isn’t an ordinary ball. It uses non-toxic, bite-resistant rubber to ensure it withstands even the toughest of dogs. Beyond the usual uses of a ball, this one boasts special features like helping clean your dog’s teeth and keeping their gums healthy. Moreover, it supports their cognitive learning as well. If your dog is being particularly well behaved or you want to use the ball for training sessions, you can sneak some treats in it as well! And if your dog already has a ball similar to the Idepet dog ball, browse through an expert review of fun and interactive dog toys.



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