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Round or a Flat dog Collar?

Posted on November 02, 2018 by Anita Fuhrer | 0 Comments

There are hundreds of choices of dog collars on the market today but have you ever wondered which collar is best for your pup?

We are looking at the difference between round and flat collars and nylon vs leather dog collars.
Round dog collars are best suited for dogs with longer fur/hair with a tendency to matting. These collars don't have an edge that can irritate the skin or rub on the hair to eventually result in matting issues. Round collars are available in various materials but if your dog truly has sensitive skin we recommend leather material that is natural and closest to your dog's own skin chemistry. Furthermore, make sure the leather is soft and not Latigo leather that is tough and harder on your dog's skin.  Don't use Rolled Leather Dog Collars that are typically made of rolled Latigo Leather. If you see the term Italian leather or Round leather with Nylon robe on the inside it is a good indicator that the leather will be soft. More and more dogs suffer from allergies today so wearing a collar that is comfortable and "clean" (without a load of toxins) to be on your pup 24/7 is important. Also, don't let the price tag on a fancy design collar fool you to believe it is comfortable. Many of these collar producers prioritize the look over the comfort which unfortunately can result in some serious damage to your pup's skin. Just google "Skin rub due to dog collar" and you will see thousands of disturbing pictures of poor dogs suffering from bad burns from non- functional dog collars.

Flat collars are very popular and come in various types of material. These collars are generally more suitable for dogs with no fur or very short hair in that the flat edging can cause some rubbing and friction. When choosing a flat collar it is important to chose the right material. Nylon collars are very popular, affordable and pretty durable although they don't seem to last that long. Leather collars typically last longer but are more costly, especially if you are getting a high quality leather. Again, it is important to be picky about the quality of the leather. You want the collar to be sturdy but not too stiff so it will chafe your dog's neck. Soft leather collars a good option to keep your dog comfortable and safe.

Finally, I want to stress the importance of fitting a collar correctly in order to keeping your pet safe. A dog collar that is too lose can cause some serious injuries to your pup and so can a collar that is too tight! Finding the sweet spot is important so ensure you use the settings on the collar to find the right size. If you are unsure about the size, ask the customer service representative from the store you are bying it from.

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