Ways To Add Joy To Your Dog’s Life

Your dogs might be as important to you as your family members. After all, these creatures spend years, sometimes even longer than a decade with us. They are one of our first few sights every time we wake up and one of the last things we see before we sleep. For the unconditional love that dogs give us, it is only right that we show them the same amount of love. Read on to find out the ways to add joy to your dog’s life.

Provide Exercise

Exercise is one of the most important parts of a dog’s life. It’s important for their mental health, as well as their physical health. Exercise also helps to curb bad behavior, such as excessive biting or barking. Brisk walks, playing fetch, or even swimming are great ways for your dog to burn off any of their excess energy. They love being stimulated, so be sure to provide them with the exercise that they rightfully deserve. Get your favorite leash and harness, and get moving with your furry companion!

Increase Their Playtime

Some dogs enjoy going outdoors and socializing. On the other hand, some dogs like peace and quiet. Based on what your dog enjoys, playtime is something they definitely enjoy. Plan your dog’s playtime based on their needs. So, if your dog is sociable, playdates with dogs or days at the dog park can be their idea of bliss. For dogs that enjoy their owner’s company more, playing hide and seek with your furry companion can be a great idea.

Give Your Dog More Autonomy

It’s important that your dog gets the freedom in their day-to-day life. Unfortunately, most of your dog’s day is dictated by you, if you’ve ever thought about it carefully. You are responsible for the time your pet eats, goes to the toilet, and even when it gets to go outdoors. Hence, allowing your pet to make small choices can bring more joy to its life. For example, let them pick which toy to pick from its basket. Next time you’re at the pet store, maybe your pet can decide which collar to get too!

Provide Dogs with Chews and Toys

Chewing toys is a natural part of a dog’s life as this is the way that they express their animal instincts. Look for more long-lasting and durable options for chew toys so that these last longer for your pet. Your dog is sure to be happier when they can do what they love- chewing!

Learn to Massage Your Pup

Have you ever noticed your dog getting scratched repeatedly and yet, the scratches don’t seem to be enough for them? Dogs love to get patted and scratched, with each dog having their own favorite spot where they love being caressed. To bring your pats to the next level, learn how to massage your pet. This can help them feel more joyful with the added relaxation that massages bring.  Furthermore, massages ease anxiety in your dogs the same way they soothe your own anxieties.