Rainbow Rope Dog Collar With Leather


  • Designed in HUND's studio in Denmark with Hand Stitched Details 
  • Superior for dogs with mild to moderate fur matting
  • Round Design Eliminates Matting/Irritation/Pulling on Pet's Neck Fur
  • Interwoven Sturdy Nylon Rope with soft Eco Friendly Leather
  • Light weight
  • Extra Strong Stitching! No Rivets that weaken the leather structure
  • Soft Black Part of Leather in the Buckle Area -Moistened Oiled Leather for comfort.
  • Solid Chrome Hardware
  • Superior comfort guaranteed and easy to clean.

    Your pup will stand out with this colorful eye catching rainbow colored pattern. The Fun Colored Rope and HUND's Eco friendly Oiled leather are extremely durable and perform exemplary in all types of weather and conditions. The functional Scandinavian design guarantees years and years of use and performance. 


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Customer Reviews

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Judith Moyer
Pretty but not practical

Within one hour my dog had scratched her neck and there were pulls and frays on the rainbow area of the collar. Within a week the collar showed more areas so I knew it wasn’t going to be a long term collar.

Nonexistent customer service

I ordered two collars and one was a wrong item. I have attempted to contact the company multiple times and have yet to receive a response for an entire business week. Buyer beware, this company doesn't pay attention to accurately fulfill orders and doesn't care about making their customers happy. They just want your money and they charge a premium for their collars.

Beautiful Collar, Beautiful Construction

This multi-colour rope dog collar looks more like a beautiful ribbon than rope. The colours are jewel tone and really stand out on a tricolor English Setter. Like all Hund leather goods, the leather feels like butter. There’s a lot of length on the hole end and a lot of give over time. If your dogs are mouthy with one another, any Hund collar may be a tempting treat (one of our dogs has chewed two collars off another dog). We just take the colour off when the dogs are in the house. That’s as close as I can come to a complaint about any Hund product. Treat yourself and your dog.

this collar makes me happy !

…the rainbow colors are strong & vibrant. even the thread sewn into the leather is multicolored ! it’s such a fun collar on my totally brown dog. 💙💚🧡💛❤️💜

Colorful collar

Great collar. Bought to avoid matting, and it does that. Looks great and is really high quality.