Reflective Padded Dog Collar

  • Reflective Flakes to ensure Visibility during Night time for safety reasons
  • Coat Protective Design that Eliminates Irritation/Pulling/Matting on Neck Fur of Pets
  • Interwoven Padded Nylon Rope with Eco-Friendly Leather
  • Extremely Strong Stitching that never rivets
  • Lightweight
  • Easy To Clean
  • Water-Resistant
Safe Evening Walks

Reflective materials can make the difference between seeing a dog at night or missing them completely and potentially leading to an accident. The reflective collar and leash allow people to see you and your dog and make it safer to enjoy those special evening walks.  

Your pup will stand out with this classic yet eye-catching deep black collar. HUND's nylon rope and leather marriage is durable and performs exemplary in all types of weather and conditions. The functional Scandinavian design guarantees years and years of use and performance. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Sally Andersen
Small dog collar

Love, love , this brand 🐾

Lisa Harpster
Top quality collar

We just put the new collar on Hank and he looks great! It seems super durable and yet still soft enough to be comfortable. The buckle is really nice and doesn’t have any sharp corners.

Michelle Kull

This just arrived today. I’ve been waiting for months to purchase a Hund collar for my Coton puppy, as I wasn’t sure when his neck would stop growing. I finally took the plunge and am very impressed with the quality of this collar. It looks very dainty online, and perhaps the smaller one is, but my 1/3” collar is durable, beautiful, and more substantial than I had imagined it would be. I haven’t seen a collar like this in any store. This is made to last!

B. Lastinger
Beautiful collar!

This collar is well made. It looks great on my standard poodle and is very gentle on his coat!

Judith DeRamus

I got 2 collars for my medium and large size dogs. They are amazing! Very nice quality. I love the way they look. Sleek and comfortable for my fur babies.