How to Easily Measure for a Dog Collar


Measuring Dog's Neck:

When sizing your pet for a HUND collar, you might take something flexible such as a tape measure or a (ribbon, string etc) and place it around your dog's neck. It should be measured as snugly as possible. Once you collect this measurement it is recommended to add 2" to find the correct HUND Denmark collar. 

We recommend taking the measurement a few inches down from the dogs head (Don't stress about the exact placement on the neck because there is room for adjustment in every collar)

IF you are still unsure about the sizing contact us via LIVE CHAT for Support



We will gladly exchange your collar if the size doesn't fit correctly (even if you have tried your best to find the correct size) You will just need to return the wrong size collar to us which will cost about  $3 with USPS (This applies to customers in US only)

For more information or questions contact us on LIVE CHAT or email at