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Measurement Guide


BALDY Collar Measurement Guide:

When sizing your pet for a Round HUND collar, use a tape measure to find the circumference of your pet's neck or measure the collar your dog currently is wearing.

If your pet's collar measurement is between two available sizes, it's best to order the larger size. That way you will have room for pet growth or an increase in coat thickness.

 All collars are measured from the buckle to the outer 2nd hole as illustrated below.

Each Collar has three holes to ensure the correct fit and will fit 3 different sizes as listed below:


                                             Hole 1       Hole 2             Hole 3

Collar size 8"   - Will fit:            7"             7.5"                  8"             necks

Collar size 10" - Will fit:           9"             9.5"                10"              necks

Collar Size 12" - Will fit:          11"           11.5"               12"             necks 

Collar Size 14" - Will fit:          13"           13.5"               14"             necks

Collar Size 16" - Will fit:          15"           15.5"               16"             necks

Collar Size 18" - Will fit:          17"           17.5"               18"             necks

Collar Size 20" - Will fit           19"           19.5"               20"             necks

Collar Size 22" - Will fit           21"            21.5"              22"             necks

Collar Size 24" - Will fit           23"            23.5"              24"             necks 



Martingale Collar Measurement Guide:

Place your dogs collar on a flat surface (if it is a buckle collar, put the buckle into the hole that fits the best for this measurement). Use a flexible tape measure and measure the inside circumference of the collar. Keep the tape measure snug against the collar when measuring. Make sure to measure the ENTIRE circle of the collar, including any hardware. DO NOT pick up the collar when measuring.

You do not have to measure the same style collar as the one you are ordering. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that the collar will need to be slipped over your dog's head.
You can measure any style of collar, as long as it will slip on and off the dog's head. The most important thing to remember is to always measure the internal circumference of the collar. 

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