Experience the danish difference

Coat Protection: Unlike flat designs, our rounded edges minimize friction, making it ideal for dogs with luscious locks or thick double coats to prevent: matting, hair-pulling, chafing and collar discomfort.

Comfort and Freedom: The natural fit of our curved collars and leashes made from buttery soft authentic Italian leather ensures maximum comfort. No more digging into the skin or pressure points! Plus, the spongy interior adds an extra layer of cushioning.

Stylish Simplicity: HUND combines Danish minimalism with Italian craftsmanship. Our round design exudes elegance without unnecessary embellishments. Whether you’re at the park or a social event, your dog will turn heads with their sophisticated

Love Our Planet

HUND’s award winning environmental friendly Leather is biodegradable and lasts for many years. In the long run this product becomes highly cost effective.

Love Wellness

No need to compromise on looks or comfort! HUND’s products are buttery soft and comfortable with a minimal aesthetic and functional Danish Design.


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