Munchkin - Round/Rolled Leather Martingale Collar


The MUCHKIN Martingale collar is perfect for pulling dogs that often slip out of their collars, training dogs, and whenever you feel that you need better control of your dog. The chain is engineered with a precise thickness that is proportionate to the collar to ensure a perfect fit as well as comfort for your pet. In addition, the chain enforces the durability of the collar and also makes a sound that many dogs consider as a signal to stop pulling.

The rounded design of the MUNCHKIN Martingale collar comes with no outside seam, which prevents rubbing, matting, as well as irritation around the neck area. This also provides superior comfort for your companion. Made with incredibly soft and sustainable leather, this collar is suitable for all dogs, including those that have sensitive skin.

Martingale Collar Measurement Guide:

The collar’s size reflects the size at the smallest setting, meaning when your dog is on the leash pulling until the collar is completely closed. When the collar is resting on the dog, it is open and loose around their neck.

When measuring for a Martingale collar ensure that the collar is snug enough around the neck, so it doesn't slip off when the dog is pulling.

We recommend measuring the dog's neck with a tape measure snugly. This measurement is the correct size for a martingale. A martingale collar is typically a size smaller than a regular HUND collar.

Please note: A martingale collar is intended to correct a dog's walking style and should primarily be used when walking or training a dog. A martingale collar should never replace a standard collar. We do not recommend leaving a dog unattended wearing a martingale collar.  

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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Jon Bomba
Beautiful quality

First collar was too large, they quickly sent me the new size before I even mailed the original back. Very nicely made , good quality.

Michele Partridge
My Frenchie says, “!!THANKYOU!!”

High quality, beautifully made and most importantly….
SAFE to use on brachycephalic dogs!

James Petrie
Bad ino

Measured as instructed. Collar was too big!! Tried to return using provided $3.99 label, which never arrived! Spent $9 to return and no credit as yet. Ordered another, without any discount, that still hasn’t arrived!
Terrible customer service!!!

Round Rolled Martingale

Made beautifully with obvious care and craftsmanship.

Donna Kelley
Outstanding Product and Customer Service

We purchased the round rolled leather, brass chain Martingale collar for our golden-golden doodle. The collar is super smooth, sleek, and absolutely gorgeous! Had we done our research, we would have known that the brass chain might discolor the hair around our dogs neck because he has light fur. To my understanding, it doesn’t happen all the time, but occurs occasionally with ANY brand much like a person might have a reaction to a specific type of metal on their skin. We notified customer service to see if they could help and they immediately helped us with a solution by re-ordering the collar with a stainless chain. No hesitation, no excuses, just quick and fast service to help us take care of our needs. We exchanged the collar for the stainless chain, and all is good with the world! These products are truly outstanding, and it’s hard to describe the quality with just words. Worth every dime! We recommend this company highly. It was so refreshing to deal with one person in our communications from start to finish. These guys represent the highest standard of customer service. Thank you!