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What is the Difference Between "Round Leather Dog Collars" and "Rolled Leather Dog Collars"?

Posted on November 09, 2018 by Anita Fuhrer | 0 Comments

What is the difference between “Round Leather Dog Collars” and “Rolled Leather Dog Collars?”

We often get asked if rolled leather dog collars are the same as round leather dog collars, and the short answer is NO.
There are many companies who list their products as rolled leather while their products are made of round leather and makers of round leather dog collars who list their products as rolled leather dog collars. Obviously, this can be a marketing strategy but as a business owner I believe honesty and transparency with customers are values that are very important to uphold for long term success.


Rolled leather dog collars are simply that, a piece of leather rolled and stitched together. These collars are typically made of Latigo leather that is tough and durable but can be a bit rough on a dog’s skin due to the roughness of the leather. Furthermore, the leather used for those type of collars are typically made in China or India and are loaded with chemicals. Since the pet has to wear their collar pretty much around the clock and their skin is the largest organ, all the nasty toxins get absorbed through their skin and enter their bodies. There goes the benefits of leather being the most natural and closest to a pet’s own skin chemistry. So in short, rolled leather dog collars do their job of preventing hair matting but they can be a bit tough on the skin and are typically only available in brown and black leather. Another downside to rolled leather is that it is not suitable for dogs that pull. Although, it is pretty durable, the constant pulling will expand the leather until it eventually breaks. When purchasing a rolled leather collar, I recommend looking for a “Made in USA” or “Made in Europe” label to ensure you are getting the highest quality product without the unnecessary toxins.

Round Leather Dog Collar
Round leather dog collars are typically made of softer leather on the outside and a robe on the inside. These collars are typically even nicer to prevent hair matting and are more durable due to the robe on the inside. Most of our competitors make round collars of a medium soft leather on the outside and a hard robe on the inside. It makes the collar quite stiff and not as comfortable for a pet. Most makers also have an outside stitching/edging on their collars that can rub against the dog’s hair/fur and contribute to matting.It is difficult to tell from a picture how soft a dog collar is, so make sure you read the product description to see what type of material has been used. It is also important to check what country the leather is from. Over 90% of leather is made in China so be ware of that.
Round Leather Dog Collars

We noticed that there was a need for a round dog collar that is 100% natural, comfortable and good looking so we created our BALDY Collection. Our Round Leather Dog Collars are made of Eco Friendly Leather made in Century Old Tanneries in Italy. The colors are derived from plants and not chemicals. It takes about 40 days to transform raw hides into unique, durable and versatile vegetable tanned leather. 90% of leather today is typically made in a couple of days using harsh chemicals.

HUND's tanning process is natural, environmentally friendly and combines Danish fashion with tradition as well as past with the future. 

So in the end, it may cost us a few more pennies per square foot of leather, but we feel that it is a small price to pay for leather that will last longer, is kinder to our companions as well as the earth.

HUND's leather has been awarded the German Blue Angel Certificate that guarantees a product to meet high standards when it comes to its environmental, health and performance characteristics. The final result is velvety soft luxurious leather in vibrant colors.

                                                  Round Leather Dog Collar

On the inside of the collar is a Nylon Robe to ensure the safety and durability. Last but not least, we have removed the outside stitching and replaced it with an inverted inside stitching so there is absolutely no edging to bother the dog’s hair.
Round Leather dog collars are overall a great option for dogs with longer hair/fur to prevent matting/pulling and irritation in the neck area. Like with any product your purchase today, educate yourself about the pros and cons of the different types of collars to make the best choice for your companion.

For the Love of Pets, People and Planet
Owner of HUND Denmark LLC

CBD oil for pets. What is the fuss about?

Posted on November 08, 2018 by Anita Fuhrer | 0 Comments

When I read through testimonials from dog parents who are desperately fighting to keep their dog(s) alive suffering from cancer or trying to find ways to avoid continuous seizures or simply looking for answers to less severe health issues there is one product that continuously seems to amaze me. It is the CBD oil. The CBD oil stands for Cannabidoil and is a compound found in cannabis and hemp. Unlike the Cannabis/Marijuana that we know to have psychoactive properties due to the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) The CBD oil is without THC so a dog won’t get “high” from CBD oil. Almost everyday there are new studies and new testimonials revealed showing amazing benefits to this oil. If your pup suffers from any of the below mentioned health issues you may want to consider using CBD oil.
In short, here are some of the major benefits of a CBD oil.


1. Helps Epilepsy and Seizures

2. Prevents and kills Cancer

3.Reduces Anxiety

4. Relieves Pain

5.Helps with Bowel Disease

6. Reduces Inflammation

7. Protects the Nervous System

8. Increases Appetite

9. Good for The Heart

10. Its Safe and Effective”


The most encouraging result from a large number of studies is that the CBD oil appears to be safe even if taken in high doses and over extended periods of time. Most CBD oil is derived from HEMP oil and contains no or very small traces of THC. Because of this, CBD oil for human and animal consumption have been approved in 50 states.
When purchasing a CBD oil you want to ensure it is of highest quality so look for oils that are organic to avoid pesticides etc. Also, don’t cheap out. The higher the quality the higher the price.

For the Love of Pets, People and Planet
Owner of HUND Denmark


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Round or a Flat dog Collar?

Posted on November 02, 2018 by Anita Fuhrer | 0 Comments

There are hundreds of choices of dog collars on the market today but have you ever wondered which collar is best for your pup?

We are looking at the difference between round and flat collars and nylon vs leather dog collars.
Round dog collars are best suited for dogs with longer fur/hair with a tendency to matting. These collars don't have an edge that can irritate the skin or rub on the hair to eventually result in matting issues. Round collars are available in various materials but if your dog truly has sensitive skin we recommend leather material that is natural and closest to your dog's own skin chemistry. Furthermore, make sure the leather is soft and not Latigo leather that is tough and harder on your dog's skin.  Don't use Rolled Leather Dog Collars that are typically made of rolled Latigo Leather. If you see the term Italian leather or Round leather with Nylon robe on the inside it is a good indicator that the leather will be soft. More and more dogs suffer from allergies today so wearing a collar that is comfortable and "clean" (without a load of toxins) to be on your pup 24/7 is important. Also, don't let the price tag on a fancy design collar fool you to believe it is comfortable. Many of these collar producers prioritize the look over the comfort which unfortunately can result in some serious damage to your pup's skin. Just google "Skin rub due to dog collar" and you will see thousands of disturbing pictures of poor dogs suffering from bad burns from non- functional dog collars.

Flat collars are very popular and come in various types of material. These collars are generally more suitable for dogs with no fur or very short hair in that the flat edging can cause some rubbing and friction. When choosing a flat collar it is important to chose the right material. Nylon collars are very popular, affordable and pretty durable although they don't seem to last that long. Leather collars typically last longer but are more costly, especially if you are getting a high quality leather. Again, it is important to be picky about the quality of the leather. You want the collar to be sturdy but not too stiff so it will chafe your dog's neck. Soft leather collars a good option to keep your dog comfortable and safe.

Finally, I want to stress the importance of fitting a collar correctly in order to keeping your pet safe. A dog collar that is too lose can cause some serious injuries to your pup and so can a collar that is too tight! Finding the sweet spot is important so ensure you use the settings on the collar to find the right size. If you are unsure about the size, ask the customer service representative from the store you are bying it from.

For the love of Pets, People and Planet,
Owner of HUND Denmark



Dangers of Retractable Leashes

Posted on October 25, 2018 by Anita Fuhrer | 1 Comment

The popular retractable leash has been used by many dog owners for walking their pets and provide them more freedom. Most of us don’t think twice about its safety but doctors today don’t recommend retractable leashes in fact they are now recommending to avoid them.

Dr. Bescker is just one of the many Doctors who does not approve of the retractbale leash which she refers to as “a thin cord wound around a spring loaded device” She gives us 10 Reasons why we should NOT use a rectrable leash.

  1. The length of retractable leashes, some of which can extend up to 26 feet, allows dogs to get far enough away from their humans that a situation can quickly turn dangerous. A dog on a retractable leash is often able to run into the middle of the street, for example, or make uninvited contact with other dogs or people.
  2. In the above scenario, or one in which your pet is being approached by an aggressive dog, it is nearly impossible to get control of the situation if the need arises. It's much easier to regain control of – or protect -- a dog at the end of a six-foot standard flat leash than it is if he's 20 or so feet away at the end of what amounts to a thin string.
  3. The thin cord of a retractable leash can break – especially when a powerful dog is on the other end of it. If a strong, good-sized dog takes off at full speed, the cord can snap. Not only can that put the dog and whatever he may be chasing in danger, but also the cord can snap back and injure the human at the other end.
  4. If a dog walker gets tangled up in the cord of a retractable leash, or grabs it in an attempt to reel in their dog, it can result in burns, cuts, and even amputation. In addition, many people have been pulled right off their feet by a dog that reaches the end of the leash and keeps going. This can result in bruises, "road rash," broken bones, and worse.
  5. Dogs have also received terrible injuries as a result of the sudden jerk on their neck that occurs when they run out the leash, including neck wounds, lacerated tracheas, and injuries to the spine.
  6. Retractable leashes allow dogs more freedom to pull at the end of them, which can look like aggression to another dog who may decide to "fight back."
  7. The handles of retractable leashes are bulky and can be easily pulled out of human hands, resulting in a runaway dog. 
  8. Along those same lines, many dogs – especially fearful ones – are terrorized by the sound of a dropped retractable leash handle and may take off running, which is dangerous enough. To make matters worse, the object of the poor dog's fear is then "chasing" her, and if the leash is retracting as she runs, the handle is gaining ground on her – she can't escape it. Even if this scenario ultimately ends without physical harm to the dog (or anyone else), it can create lingering fear in the dog not only of leashes, but also of being walked.
  9. Retractable leashes, like most retractable devices, have a tendency to malfunction over time, either refusing to extend, refusing to retract, or unspooling at will. 
  10. Retractable leashes are an especially bad idea for dogs that haven't been trained to walk politely on a regular leash. By their very nature, retractable train dogs to pull while on leash, because they learn that pulling extends the lead.

HUND Denmark offers the best of both worlds for dog walkers. With the 5 in one adjustable leash you are able to keep your dog safe as well as giving him freedom by expanding the leash to 4’ 5’ and 6 feet. 6 Feet is the max that we feel a dog should be given in order to still remain in full control and stay safe. The Hands free option makes it convenient for jogging or whenever you need your hands to be free. This Designer Leash is made of Eco friendly and Hypoallergenic finest leather from century old tanneries in Italy. It is hand crafted and has a functional Scandinavian design with solid and sturdy hardware.

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The Rise of Sustainable and Eco Friendly Products

Posted on October 25, 2018 by Anita Fuhrer | 0 Comments

The rising concern for environmental conservation has led to more and more people going green. Most people may take it as just a trend, but it has a couple of benefits. Companies have put more effort in finding ways to make their products Eco-friendly as well as the production process. For dogs, the Eco-friendly products are flooding the market, and it makes it difficult for a dog owner to choose the right one for his or her pet. The products are healthy for the dog and safe for the environment.

Eco friendly dog products can be made from recycled materials or sustainable materials like hemp and bamboo. The materials are environmentally friendly and biodegradable as compared to other synthetic materials used to make dog products. Once you get done with the dog product, you can dispose of with no fears of pollution. They break down faster and do not release harmful chemicals to the soil. The dog products range from food, toys and grooming products such as collars, leashes, and bows.


Dogs are playful, and at times they have a destructive mouth, tearing everything they come along even your personal belongings. Toys keep the dog engaged saving your items from the dog’s heavy chewing and cunning paws. Most dog toys get made of plastic rubber and other synthetic materials which are not safe for the environment. Eco friendly dog toys use recycled materials and natural products such as hemp to create durable dog toys. The toys include plush toys, interactive toys, ropes, and balls.

When taking your dog for a walk, you need a lot of gear to manage it as you walk around. Leashes, collars, and harnesses are used to control the dog when you have a walk. A harness is sometimes used when handling a large breed dog. There are Eco-friendly dog leashes and collars available in the market to make your dog feel comfortable during the walks. The dog gear is healthy for the dog and the dog owner, and it is safe for the environment.


There are other Eco-friendly products online like dog shampoos which are made from natural ingredients which are safe for the dog. Dog conditioners are also made from natural ingredients to make your dog’s coat soft and shiny. Waste bags which are environmentally friendly are also available. Eco friendly dog beds and blankets are also in the market they make your dog feel comfortable while sleeping.

HUND Denmark is your one stop online store when it comes to the best eco friendly dog products. We understand your need to conserve the environment and make an impact in making the world a better place. You can take part in environmental conservation by buying dog products that are environmentally friendly. We offer eco friendly dog collars, leashes, and bows that are made from natural products. Our services are efficient, and our dog products are of high quality. You just have to visit our website, make an order and purchase the dog product of your choice. 

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Fermented foods better than probiotics?

Posted on September 24, 2018 by Anita Fuhrer | 0 Comments

 Fermented foods may be the answer to your pup's health!

Probiotics have been in the spotlight for quite a while now due to their potential benefit on the gut flora. Since about 80% of the immune system is found in the gut, it is crucial to optimize the gut health in order to reach optimal health and prevent future disease. 


Fermented foods are the next big thing!
Due to their potency and large variety of naturally occurring probiotics the often home made fermented foods, are loaded with probiotics that can balance the gut. Fermented foods are made of whole foods instead of little capsules that you buy at the store.
Roxane Stone who holds a master's degree in Nutrition and Food Science and has worked for more than 12 years in the human food industry before she moved to the pet food industry in 2010 explains the importance of fermented foods in a dog's diet. There are many things today that can wreak havoc on the dog's gut such as overusing antibiotics as medicine or as non organic dog food. Additionally, dogs are exposed to Genetically Modified (GMO) foods that is processed and full of preservatives. All these factors play are major role in a dog's gut health. 

Outnumber the Bad Guys with Good Guys!

Probiotics compete against the bad bacteria so there can be 85% of good bacteria and only 15% of bad bacteria which is the ideal gut balance. Stone explains that it is better to use whole foods than supplements due to the presence of live cultures in fermented foods that also are more likely to survive the stomach acid and arrive in the intestines intact and ready to colonize.
Supplements are less effective because they are freeze dried and are inactive. They need to become activated and then make it through the stomach acid before it can reach the gut.

Good sources of Fermented Foods for dogs include: fish sauce, kombucha, root vegetables, whey and dairy products like kefir, yogurt, buttermilk and cheese.

For more information click here

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Turmeric better for your pup than Ibuprofen

Posted on September 17, 2018 by Anita Fuhrer | 0 Comments

Turmeric for your dog is better than Ibuprofen!

Turmeric is a bright orange spice that is often used in the Indian cuisine. I believe this spice has so many benefits that you may want to consider adding it to your pups diet.

Turmeric contains Curcumin, which is the active ingredient that provides most benefits. It is anti inflammatory in nature and especially great for treating arthritis or joint pain.


A clinical trial published in the Journal of Clinical Interventions in Aging revealed that this wonder spice is also an effective painkiller. Ibuprofen is one of the most popular pain relievers in the US despite the fact that this pain killer can cause some serious side effects such as toxicity to the heart (According to the medical Journal The Lancet) Ibuprofen is highly toxic to dogs and should never be given to them.


With that said, there is a better natural alternative that has been proven to work. The study conducted reports that Curcumin and Ibuprofen were equally successful in reducing pain and discomfort and patients who consumed Curcumin scored even higher on tests of stair climbing and a 100-meter walk.


This study offers great promise for dogs in that it seems to be as effective as the anti inflammatory drug (NSAIDS) that is often prescribed by vets, but with far fewer side effects.


If your pup suffers from joint pain and/or arthritis you may want to give turmeric a try.

The best turmeric to buy is the organic turmeric you can purchase at a health food store that is more potent than one you can purchase at a grocery store. You can also purchase turmeric in the raw which is a root that you can crush and add to your pup’s food. It is recommended to add some black pepper with the spice in order to aid in the absorption.


The dosage recommendation is found from the Dogs Naturally Magazine: The recommended dose for dogs is 15 to 20 mg per pound of body weight per day, or more simply put, ⅛ to ¼ tsp. per day for every 10 lbs. in weight.

It is recommended to give your dog plenty of water in order to avoid constipation in that turmeric is a binding product.


It is always recommended to speak to your pup’s holistic vet if you are concerned about adding turmeric to your pup’s diet especially if your pup is already taking conventional medication.

For more information on turmeric and details of the study please visit this page


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