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How to choose the Best Dog Collar

Posted on August 16, 2018 by Anita Fuhrer | 0 Comments

There is a wide variety of collars sold online or in stores, and some are not healthy or safe for your dog. Without knowing the effect of an individual collar, by wearing it, your dog can succumb to health complications or even death. There are many types of collars which include: rolled or flat collars, martingales, choke chains and pinch collars. Each and every collar has its advantages and disadvantages, but as a dog owner, you should strive to get the best collar for your puppy.

The most common collar is the flat or rounded collar that fastens with a buckle or a plastic clip. The collars are most suitable to slip on and off. They can hold your dog’s identification, rabies, and license tags. The collars retain their size, but sometimes they can be dangerous to your dog. Puppies involved in rough play can get their mouth caught in the collar of another dog. When struggling to get loose, the collar tightens, and the dog can suffocate. Break-away collars are convenient for puppies involved in this kind of play. 

ASPCA- Before you adopt an animal

Posted on July 26, 2018 by Anita Fuhrer | 0 Comments

ASPCA-Before you adopt an animal




Who Rescued Whom? Adopting a Pet Can Be More Beneficial Than You Think


Pets can be a great addition to any household. Whether you’re a couple looking to co-own a pet, a family looking for a furry friend for the kids, or an individual looking for companionship, adopting a pet will enhance your life.


For individuals who are dealing with depression or addiction recovery, animal-assisted intervention from an emotional support pet could be an effective way to reduce stress and anxiety, ease loneliness, and bring love and affection into your life. All of those benefits can be key in preventing relapse. Who hasn’t had their worries melt away with the sight of wagging tail and a slobbery kiss on the face? Have you ever pet a dog or cat continuously, only to discover an hour has gone by and you suddenly feel more relaxed than you were before? Pets are powerful.


As with all things, you get back what you put into something. To receive love from a pet, you have to give love. It’s unfair to adopt a pet that you’re not ready to care for in the way they deserve. Remember that you are this pet’s everything. Their world revolves around you, so make their world count for the short time that they’re alive.


Before you adopt an animal, make sure your lifestyle and living situation are suitable for a pet. Those with allergies to fur and dander might want to opt for a scaly pet instead of furry, four-legged friend. You might want to avoid a dog if you live in an apartment and have a busy work schedule. If you live in a house with a yard and are home most of the day, then a dog is perfect for you. If you’re an active person who likes to go on regular walks and jogs, then by all means, get a dog. Your life will feel more fulfilled with this loveable creature in your life.


Dogs need to be walked often, let out for bathroom breaks, and kept company. They are social animals, so they thrive with their leaders and loved ones. Dogs need your time and attention. Cats can be left alone for a day or two, as long they have a litter box and a timed feeder. Aquarium pets can last even longer without daily care, but all pets should only live with someone who has time to care for it.


Once you’ve found and rescued your pet, prepare your home for a warm welcome. He’s probably excited to get out of the cage at the shelter where you found him, but he will still need to adjust to a new environment and a new owner. A rescue pet that came from an unsafe situation prior to adoption might be nervous or fearful at first. Get him a nice habitat that features a bed, toys, and treats.


Make sure all other dwellers in the home — be they humans or other animals — don’t scare him off when he walks in the door. Other pets might need to be kept separate until the new addition is comfortable in his new space. Children need training as much as pets need housebreaking. Young children must learn to gently approach animals since they can be eager to shower a new animal with hugs, kisses, and tail pulls.


Now that your friend is comfortable in his new home, it’s time to make him feel like family. Bonding is important for the human-pet relationship, as this is how they learn to trust you and see you as their leader and protector. You can take your pet camping or hiking, on several daily walks, to a dog park or beach, or on a picnic in the park. Give him the quality of life that he deserves.


Pets deserve a good quality of life, but so do you. We could all use a little more love in our lives. Adopting a pet can be one of life’s most rewarding experiences, especially for someone who needs emotional support. Adoption means you get to rescue a homeless animal that will end up rescuing your heart.


The Rise of Sustainable and Eco Friendly Products

Posted on July 16, 2018 by Anita Fuhrer | 0 Comments

The rising concern for environmental conservation has led to more and more people going green. Most people may take it as just a trend, but it has a couple of benefits. Companies have put more effort in finding ways to make their products Eco-friendly as well as the production process. For dogs, the Eco-friendly products are flooding the market, and it makes it difficult for a dog owner to choose the right one for his or her pet. The products are healthy for the dog and safe for the environment.

Eco friendly dog products can be made from recycled materials or sustainable materials like hemp and bamboo. The materials are environmentally friendly and biodegradable as compared to other synthetic materials used to make dog products. Once you get done with the dog product, you can dispose of with no fears of pollution. They break down faster and do not release harmful chemicals to the soil. The dog products range from food, toys and grooming products such as collars, leashes, and bows.


Dogs are playful, and at times they have a destructive mouth, tearing everything they come along even your personal belongings. Toys keep the dog engaged saving your items from the dog’s heavy chewing and cunning paws. Most dog toys get made of plastic rubber and other synthetic materials which are not safe for the environment. Eco friendly dog toys use recycled materials and natural products such as hemp to create durable dog toys. The toys include plush toys, interactive toys, ropes, and balls.

When taking your dog for a walk, you need a lot of gear to manage it as you walk around. Leashes, collars, and harnesses are used to control the dog when you have a walk. A harness is sometimes used when handling a large breed dog. There are Eco-friendly dog leashes and collars available in the market to make your dog feel comfortable during the walks. The dog gear is healthy for the dog and the dog owner, and it is safe for the environment.


There are other Eco-friendly products online like dog shampoos which are made from natural ingredients which are safe for the dog. Dog conditioners are also made from natural ingredients to make your dog’s coat soft and shiny. Waste bags which are environmentally friendly are also available. Eco friendly dog beds and blankets are also in the market they make your dog feel comfortable while sleeping.

HUND Denmark is your one stop online store when it comes to the best eco friendly dog products. We understand your need to conserve the environment and make an impact in making the world a better place. You can take part in environmental conservation by buying dog products that are environmentally friendly. We offer eco friendly dog collars, leashes, and bows that are made from natural products. Our services are efficient, and our dog products are of high quality. You just have to visit our website, make an order and purchase the dog product of your choice. 

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