Padded Leather Dog Collar- Coat Protective- Extra Durable


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Padded leather collar


  • Luxurious Butter Soft Italian Leather
  • Made to Last a Lifetime
  • Light yet Very Strong with Rope on the Inside  
  • Anti Matting, Rubbing and Pulling with the only "Inverted Seam" on the market
  • Award winning Hypoallergenic and Environmentally Friendly Leather
  • Crafted by real leather artisans in Europe
  • Reinforced with extra strong stitching
  • NO rivets EVER! (for optimal durability)   
  • Rope on the inside and padding for superior comfort

The BALDY collar is made with two colors of leather to stand out from the crowd and enjoy the comfort of the buttery soft and padded leather wider width and hardware for even the strongest dog.


If you are on the lookout for a collar of superior quality and will last for a lifetime, then there is no need to look any further. This BALDY collar is sure to offer unparalleled comfort for your companion.

To prevent hair pulling, hair matting, skin sensitivities, and rubbing commonly associated with pet accessories, HUND has reimagined the look of standard leather collars while making the collar look trendy at the same time.

HUND places an emphasis on making each collar easy and comfortable for our companions so that they can remain “HYGGE” (a Danish word expressing a cozy and warm atmosphere), and not have to constantly scratch their necks.

The award-winning leather that HUND uses has been tested for purity and ascertained to work naturally with the skin of dogs, even those with sensitive skin. Made in Italy with certified natural vegetable tanned leather, the HUND leather is not only buttery soft but also extremely eco-friendly with dyes obtained naturally from plants, unlike approximately 90% of other leather goods)


HUND does not compromise on quality. Everything from sourcing the most natural leather to using only the best and most durable hardware, to making each collar by hand and ensuring it is the best collar out there. When purchasing a HUND collar you are also supporting local animal shelters and dog rescue  groups. 


What Do Some of the Customers Say:

Rolled Padded Leather-Anti Matting
Debra Voss Well made collar
We’re very pleased with our Baldy rolled leather collar. The quality is excellent and so is Hund Denmark’s customer service. Our Australian Labradoodle is very happy with her new collar too! It’s more expensive than others, but we’ll worth it. Some years ago I heard this saying which applies to this purchase perfectly: “ The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten“.

Rolled Padded Leather-Anti Matting
Randy Feldt Top quality
I initially purchased a rolled or round leather collar from Amazon for less money and was not happy with the product. I did more research on the internet and found HUND Denmark leather collars. It is a very informative site and explained the difference between a round collar vs rolled collar and why it’s important to have the collar stitching inside the collar vs outside. I was very impressed with the fit and finish of the high quality leather. I would gladly pay a little extra for a top quality dog collar. Also the collar selection was good with a premium look.

Rolled Padded Leather-Anti Matting
Alison Kasakitis In love with the rolled/round "BALDY" leather collars

I got the "BALDY" rolled/round leather collars for both of my border collie mixes. One has a longer medium, double coat and the other has a medium length, single coat that mats easily around the ears. They both seem to love the collars and I'm already seeing a difference in the number of times they scratch their necks/ears plus I've yet to have to cut out any more mats. My only wish is that I could more easily see the beautiful pink colour around their necks, but I guess that will happen when they get their summer puppy cuts 

Rolled Padded Leather-Anti Matting
Deborah Owen Well crafted collar
Works great for our very furry dog to prevent matting. Appreciate the thought that went into crafting a collar that is not off-gassing toxic chemicals as many cheaper collars do and sewing the seam on the outside of the collar so it doesn’t rub on his neck.

Rolled Padded Leather-Anti Matting
David Carriker Fantastic

I’ve purchased many, many, pet collars over the years. This is by far the best.
My pocket pit has a skin condition and this is the first collar that doesn’t irritate her skin. Great quality too.


Rolled Padded Leather-Anti Matting

I got this collar for my 158 lb Great Pyrenees. He loves it. It is not only beautiful and soft leather but the collar prevents itching and matting in his thick double-coated fur. Highly recommend. We got the biggest size available and I have it on him comfortably on the second to biggest hole. So happy with this purchase! Strong and beautiful collar. A must for breeds with big manes!

Rolled Padded Leather-Anti Matting
Heidi Erickson Love this Collar!!!!

I found Hund Denmark online. We were looking for a natural leather, well crafted collar for our new rescue pup, "Cooper", who has severe allergies. All the other collars we tried made his neck itchy. This collar is perfect, itching, and the seam is on the outside of the collar, and not the inside which is well thought out for a pup's comfort. Thank you!!

Rolled Padded Leather-Anti Matting
Jerome Schaub The Best

Actually I bought two collars and two leads for my service dogs, Khumbu & Teeka, brother and sister Chows. I am so happy to to find a company that truly cares about craftsmanship and quality materials. Wished I’d known about Hund sooner. The puppies and I thank you. 🐾🐾

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Customer Reviews

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Tina Mutich
Love this collar!

I have a Norwegian Elkhound and her coat is long and extremely thick. This collar sits under her coat rather than on top like a flat collar. Much more comfortable for her and no matting. Also, it is extremely well made, soft, and the pink with purple stitching looks great too! Well worth the money…. I definitely would recommend this to my friends and I have!

Nicki Mallay
Two customised Harnesses ordered waited over 8 weeks neither of them fits

Not Happy

Mark Drzewiecki
Wrong Collar

I received the wrong collar.

Oh no! We are so sorry! I am showing that you ordered the following collar:Padded Leather Dog Collar- Coat Protective- Extra Durable
Size 18-in : Fits 16 to 18-in neck, 1/3-in Width / Milk Chocolate w Brass Details

What did you receive?

cynthia malmer
Regular and martingale collars

First I love the soft rolled leather and the beautiful teal color of the collars. I don’t want to use them because I don’t want them to get dirty! I also love how quickly they arrived after ordering and the fine quality.

Sheltie Approved Collar!

Great collar for my Sheltie. So far no tangles or mats and it looks awesome on him. We use the collar more for his tags then walking him. The collar is incredible well made and well worth the price. If only this was the 1st collar I tried it would have been extremely cost effective.