Padded/Round Leather Dog Collar- Coat Protective- Extra Strong and Durable


• Made from buttery soft Italian leather that is strong and durable

• Hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly leather that is safe for dogs to ingest

• Designed to prevent hair pulling, hair matting, skin sensitivities, and rubbing commonly associated with pet accessories


Looking for a high-quality dog collar that will protect your furry friend's coat from damage, pulling, and matting? Look no further than the BALDY collar from HUND! Hand-crafted by real leather artisans in Europe, this collar is made from buttery soft Italian leather that feels just like your finest leather purse. But don't let its softness fool you - this collar is also incredibly strong, thanks to the rock climbing rope on the inside for extra strength. Plus, it's reinforced with extra strong stitching and rust-free hardware, so you can be sure it will last a lifetime.

But the BALDY collar isn't just strong - it's also safe and comfortable for your dog. Made from German award-winning hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly leather, this collar is completely natural with dyes from plants and a vegetable tanning process that does not use chemicals. That means you never have to worry about toxins soaking into your dog's skin, and the leather is safe for them to ingest. Plus, the leather has been tested for purity and ascertained to work naturally with the skin of dogs, even those with sensitive skin.

The BALDY collar is designed to prevent hair pulling, hair matting, skin sensitivities, and rubbing commonly associated with pet accessories. With its wider width and strong hardware, it can handle even the strongest dogs. And because it's made with two tones of leather, it stands out from the crowd and offers unparalleled comfort for your companion.

So why choose HUND? Because they don't compromise on quality. From sourcing the most natural leather to using only the best and most durable hardware, to making each collar by hand and ensuring it is the best collar out there, HUND is committed to providing the best for your furry friend. And when you purchase a HUND collar, you're also supporting local animal shelters and dog rescue groups.

Don't settle for a cheap, mass-produced collar that will only last a few months. Invest in a BALDY collar from HUND and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your dog is safe, comfortable, and stylish.

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Customer Reviews

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Very nice collar

Beautiful collar, looks great. We use it as a tag holder. We measured carefully, but even on the tightest fitting, it’s too loose. We use a second collar for walks.

Annush Gabrilyan
Padded/Round Leather Dog Collar

I got this collar for my 120 lbs Rhodesian Ridgeback - 21'' neck. The leather looks nice but overall the collar seems too flimsy for a large breed dog, especially where buckles are sewn. I would not recommend it for large dogs.

Heather J
Padded round leather collar

I am very pleased with the quality of the collar. It is attractive, sturdy, and comfortable for my Rhodesian Ridgeback

Leslie Miser
Dog collar

The collar was too large despite my measurement. I reached out several times by email and no response. I mailed the collar back and requested an exchange for the next smaller size. Still not response so. Ow you have my collar I purchased and my money. Very frustrating!!

Ron Phair
Dog collar (Hybrid Round Leather)

I’ve emailed for a to change to my “Hybrid round leather collar” size to a 20-22” and received no response.