Wild Boar Detangling Brush

This grooming brush has 100% natural Wild Boar bristles, which are perfect for gentle everyday brushing that won't damage the coat. Also, the reverse head with high-quality wire pins removes loose hair and provides gentle detangling. The bamboo handle is natural and eco-friendly as well with a comfortable grip. 

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Mrs. Jan Atkinson
Never delivered

Have yet to receive!!!

Robin Duncan

Never received

Lorie Mayorga
Maxwell LOVES this brush!

I have a fluffy little Chion (chihuahua/papillon designer mutt), acquired at a pound aged 10, and he has never liked to have me brush him. I tried ultrasoft slicker brushes, nylon bristle brushes for cats, all kinds of brushes, and he would always jump up and run away. The Wild Boar Detangling Brush is the first brush he will tolerate--he's 14 now--and he likes both sides! I am delighted (and so is Maxwell, because he likes to look handsome). Thank you!

Perfect for Detangling & Dogs Sensitive to a Brush

We use the brush to detangle our English Setter puppie’s soft matted hair behind the ears, tail area and underneath his hind legs. We use the bristle part all over his coat. Prior to finding this brush he was all but uncontrollable to brush. We desensitize him by running the brush over him when he was laying or resting with us. The brush is great for brining up the shine in a dogs coat. We use the pronged side to stimulate his skin. We love the brush. I can’t say this is a brush for heavy duty use after rolling in mud. We use it mostly for maintenance combing.