Rolled/Round Leather, Coat Protective, Soft And Durable In Many Colors


Sizing Chart 

 Recommended for Medium size Breeds. One Color Collar

For Medium Strong Dogs

The "ELEVATED" Rolled Leather Collar - One color   

  • Anti Matting, Rubbing and Pulling with the only "Inverted Seam" on the market
  • Award winning Hypoallergenic and Environmentally Friendly Leather 
  • Made by real leather artisans in Europe -
  • Enforced with extra strong stitching
  • rope on the inside and padding for optimal comfort
  • No Rivets

If you have been on the lookout for the highest-quality collar that will last a lifetime, look no further from this GIZMO collar. This GIZMO collar is sure to be the most comfortable one for your companion.

The GIZMO collar is made of one piece of leather without transitions. Suitable for dogs with severe skin sensitivities.  

To prevent hair pulling, hair matting, skin sensitivities, and rubbing commonly associated with pet accessories, HUND has reimagined the look of standard leather collars while making the collar look trendy at the same time.

HUND places an emphasis on making each collar easy and comfortable for our companions so that they can remain “HYGGE” (a Danish word expressing a cozy and warm atmosphere), and not have to constantly scratch their necks.

The award-winning leather that HUND uses has been tested for purity and ascertained to work naturally with the skin of dogs, even those with sensitive skin. Made in Italy with certified natural vegetable tanned leather, the HUND leather is not only buttery soft but also extremely eco-friendly with dyes obtained naturally from plants, unlike approximately 90% of other leather goods)


Here at HUND, we are strict in ensuring quality and do not take any shortcuts in doing so. Everything involved in the process of manufacturing our goods are done in the most natural and environmentally-friendly manner, and every good is carefully selected so that only the best and most durable ones are used. Every collar is made by hand to ensure quality. In addition, when you purchase HUND collars, you are also showing support for dog rescue groups and local animal shelters. 

What do the customers say:

Rolled/Round Leather Collar For Extra Sensitive Dogs
Sandra Howard Happy Dance

I have a Rat Terrier that has very sensitive skin. He has had several collars that have rub his hair off his neck. I was told to try a rolled leather collar. I could not find one locally so I started my search on the internet. I found Hund liked what I saw but hesitated at the price. Finally talked myself into buying the Gizmo collar. After all it is for a very special guy and he is worth it. I’m very pleased with the softness and quality of this collar. Zak’s hair has started growing back in and he wears his collar 24/7. The collar arrived in 7 days and was packaged well . Thank you Hund. We love the collar!!❤️❤️🐾🐾❤️❤️

Rolled/Round Leather Collar For Extra Sensitive Dogs
g parker Beautifully Crafted yet Highly Functional

This is a true ROLLED collar that is both beautifully made and highly functional. We have rare breed dogs with extensive ruffs. Other so-called “rolled” collars significantly matted their fur. The GIZMO rides beautifully without grabbing or matting. We now own two of these and both continue to perform beautifully!

Rolled/Round Leather Collar For Extra Sensitive Dogs
Glenna Great Collar!

Wanted to let you know how very pleased we are with this collar for Mojito, our younger Eurasier boy! The collar lies under his long hair, without damaging it and lets the lines of his extensive ruff prevail. We just ordered the same collar for our older Eurasier boy, LicketySplit! The Gizmo is a beautifully made made and highly functional collar. Look forward to receiving the second collar!

Rolled/Round Leather Collar For Extra Sensitive Dogs
John Douglas Correction of previous feedback

When I rated the Gizmo collar earlier this week....not an excuse... but I was having a "not too good a day." I only rated it a four because at the time we could not get the color we wanted and that was not fair! We got the black collar instead of the brown and it looks great. We are not only very happy with the collar, it is without a doubt one of the best collars we have owned.

Again, very sorry, if you need a collar, buy one of these you will not regret it!!

Rolled/Round Leather Collar For Extra Sensitive Dogs
Peggy Gillman Excellent

The leather this collar is made up is very soft and just perfect for my dog who has sensitive skin. It’s well made and everything I could ask for in a collar. Very much worth the cost.

Rolled/Round Leather Collar For Extra Sensitive Dogs
I’m very happy with this collar, and the soft leather and rounded shape should be easy on the neck hair of my terrier. I ordered the red, but was a little concerned because it looked quite pink on the screen. When it arrived, it was perfect—a subtle, hard to describe shade that is beautiful and out of the ordinary.

Rolled/Round Leather Collar For Extra Sensitive Dogs
Tim Tam Best collar I have ever seen.

Top notch quality. Top notch finish. Top notch comfort for my pup. Best collar in the world. For my pup, it is Hund for life!

Rolled/Round Leather Collar For Extra Sensitive Dogs
Jill Lienhard I wanted something special and I got it!

My Lucy is 12 and has dealt with an immune disorder since Thanksgiving of last year. She almost died- twice! Now is her time to be as comfortable as possible! I searched for a soft, good quality leather collar and finally ran across Hund. I’m very impressed by the workmanship- Lucy sleeps quite a lot and she no longer has to deal with a hard collar digging into her neck. I am a happy customer and will recommend your products to all of my hard core dog parents

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Customer Reviews

Based on 151 reviews
Carolyn Palmer TN, USA
Wonderful collars

These are beautiful 5 star collars. They are very well made and fit my toy poodle perfectly. The rolled leather is soft and skillfully stitched. Even the hardware is top quality. I know these will last for years, so I bought a couple of colors so I could change them up sometimes. I was also amazed at how quickly I received these and they were packaged in a beautiful box like fine jewelry for your pet. I've already recommended Hund to my friends and family.

Rosie Schulick
Great All Around ;)

I love this caller, it looks great, is easy to adjust with my pups growing fur and I can for sure notice much less or no mats round his neck anymore. I am strongly considering the Hund Coat Protective harness :)

Jim Franson
Not indestructible

I LOVED THIS COLLAR - until my dog got it caught in his mouth and chewed through the leather. I’ve had to replace it with something less expensive until I can afford to buy another Hund. Maybe a smaller one!

Glenwood Harvey

The collars seem well made and practical. I got two, one for each of my Goldendoodles. Will have to see how they hold up.

Kat Anderson-Wolff
Stylish and comfortable

I'm really pleased with the quality and fit of the collar. I followed the Hund fitting guidelines, and the 1/3" D, 14" length was perfect for my 17 lb chihuahua-mix, Daphne. She doesn't seem to notice it's on, which was not the case with the nylon webbing collars we had been using with her. Very happy with my purchase!