Unlike over 90% of leather goods in the market, HUND’s leather is sourced naturally and environmentally friendly, which means that it contains no chemicals nor irritants. HUND’s leather is well recognized and even received awards like the German Blue Angel Certificate for using materials that protect the Climate and Environment.

HUND Denmark originated in Copenhagen Denmark in 2003 and is a brand of elevated dog wear on a mission to make dog wear sustainable, stylish, comfortable and self empowering. Designed for the wellness focused pet parent, HUND dog wear is carefully hand crafted by experienced leather artisans and feature a minimal aesthetic Danish design with functional features like the: "only one on the market inverted seam" to protect dog’s hair paired with multi use leashes and harnesses to make walking versatile, comfortable and safe.

HUND Denmark expanded into the American market in 2017 and was embraced by pet parents seeking a sophisticated alternative to uncomfortable and toxin filled dog wear.

HUND Products are intended for “HYGGE” a Danish tradition where we find pleasure and enjoyment in the simple things in life. HUND's simplistic and functional Danish design allows our companions to be comfortable and "hyggelig" 24/7.


 HUND makes leather products because it is the most natural material for the dog to wear. Leather is most similar to the dog's natural chemistry and at the same time It is incredibly soft and comfortable for the pet to wear. 

Leather is also a material that is biodegradable and it lasts for many years. In the long run this product becomes highly cost effective. 

It is important to note that HUND uses leather from century old Italian tanneries that use Vegetable tanned leather WITHOUT harsh chemicals unlike more than 90% of leather in the world. HUND's Vegetable tanned leather consists of natural tannins extracted from plants such as chestnut or quebracho tree to dye the leather.

The main ingredient in the vegetable leather tanning process is time. It takes about 40 days to transform raw hides into unique, durable and versatile vegetable tanned leather. Non Vegetable tanned leather is typically made in a couple of days using harsh chemicals.

HUND's tanning process is natural, environmentally friendly and combines Danish fashion with tradition as well as past with the future. 

So in the end, it may cost HUND more per square foot of leather, but we feel that it is a small price to pay for leather that will last longer, is kinder to our companions as well as the earth.

HUND Gives Back! 
At the very core of Anita's heart is the need to help shelter dogs find a loving home!  HUND donates regularly to the local Non Kill Dog Shelter (Operation Kindness in Dallas TX) Please visit their site
HERE to help and make a difference!