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Inspired by his four legged Doxin the the founder Darius started crafting high quality and functional leather dog supplies from the basement of his home in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2003.

 It took Darius years to find leather and create products that were good enough. By good enough he meant clean and free of chemicals, created for the pets' well being and without harming the environment in the process. 

Darius's dedication to the wellbeing of Pets, People and Planet showed in all aspects of his business.

He would bring his hand made products in his van to small boutiques in the Copenhagen area and was slowly growing his business throughout Denmark.

The business grew to cover several countries in Europe with the main focus on Scandinavia.


Recently, Anita joined her brother and decided to bring the Luxury products to the American market. Anita has for many years been a huge fan of her brothers’ products and has been using them on her own two Coton De Tulairs  (Ivy and Babbs) to prevent hair matting, skin irritation and itching. After Anita graduated with a Masters in Business Management, she saw a perfect opportunity to pursue her passion and join her brother.

Anita lived in Copenhagen most of her life until she moved to Dallas, TX where she  started the business. Anita is highly passionate about brining HUND products to the American market for all dogs and their owners to enjoy for many many years to come.

HUND's core values are based on the Love for Pets, People, and Planet


 HUND's Core Values

Customer Satisfaction
We focus on building lasting relationship with our customers through personal and friendly customer service which is our first order of business.

Our integrity is more important than short-term profit. We are open and honest with our fellow associates, our customers, our vendors and our stakeholders

Pride of Ownership.
We only sell what we, ourselves, would be proud to own or give.

We do what’s right even when it might not be expedient.

We are committed to outstanding performance.

Continuing improvement in our company, our products and ourselves is fundamental to our culture.

If we are to benefit from the use of our natural resources, we must be willing to act to preserve them.


HUND's Leather has been awarded the Eco Friendly German Certificate for protecting the Environment and Health,  Climate, Resources and Water.

HUND Denmark by TIMELY LLC, is the company structure in America while the company structure on the European Market is Sole Proprietorship registered under the brand name TIMELY.



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