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FURBALL - Cushioned Step in Harness

FURBALL two colored harness takes no time to put on your dog and is very comfortable with our cushioned design.

A harness secures around the dog's body and distributes the pulling force on stronger parts of the dog's anatomy, the likelihood of injury on the neck, spine and windpipe are greatly reduced. Even if your dog is not a puller, he or she could be injured wearing a collar if they make a quick move to chase a squirrel, dog, or person.


This harness can adjust in size to fit your companion just right.


When measuring your pet for the right size, measure the pet's chest (The widest area of the dog's chest)

If your pet measures under 14" you should chose the smallest size. If the pet measures more than 14" but less than 22" you should chose the medium size and finally if the pet measures more than 22" up to 30" you should chose the largest size.

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