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The Rise of Sustainable and Eco Friendly Products

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The rising concern for environmental conservation has led to more and more people going green. Most people may take it as just a trend, but it has a couple of benefits. Companies have put more effort in finding ways to make their products Eco-friendly as well as the production process. For dogs, the Eco-friendly products are flooding the market, and it makes it difficult for a dog owner to choose the right one for his or her pet. The products are healthy for the dog and safe for the environment.

Eco friendly dog products can be made from recycled materials or sustainable materials like hemp and bamboo. The materials are environmentally friendly and biodegradable as compared to other synthetic materials used to make dog products. Once you get done with the dog product, you can dispose of with no fears of pollution. They break down faster and do not release harmful chemicals to the soil. The dog products range from food, toys and grooming products such as collars, leashes, and bows.


Dogs are playful, and at times they have a destructive mouth, tearing everything they come along even your personal belongings. Toys keep the dog engaged saving your items from the dog’s heavy chewing and cunning paws. Most dog toys get made of plastic rubber and other synthetic materials which are not safe for the environment. Eco friendly dog toys use recycled materials and natural products such as hemp to create durable dog toys. The toys include plush toys, interactive toys, ropes, and balls.

When taking your dog for a walk, you need a lot of gear to manage it as you walk around. Leashes, collars, and harnesses are used to control the dog when you have a walk. A harness is sometimes used when handling a large breed dog. There are Eco-friendly dog leashes and collars available in the market to make your dog feel comfortable during the walks. The dog gear is healthy for the dog and the dog owner, and it is safe for the environment.


There are other Eco-friendly products online like dog shampoos which are made from natural ingredients which are safe for the dog. Dog conditioners are also made from natural ingredients to make your dog’s coat soft and shiny. Waste bags which are environmentally friendly are also available. Eco friendly dog beds and blankets are also in the market they make your dog feel comfortable while sleeping.

HUND Denmark is your one stop online store when it comes to the best eco friendly dog products. We understand your need to conserve the environment and make an impact in making the world a better place. You can take part in environmental conservation by buying dog products that are environmentally friendly. We offer eco friendly dog collars, leashes, and bows that are made from natural products. Our services are efficient, and our dog products are of high quality. You just have to visit our website, make an order and purchase the dog product of your choice. 

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Fermented foods better than probiotics?

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 Fermented foods may be the answer to your pup's health!

Probiotics have been in the spotlight for quite a while now due to their potential benefit on the gut flora. Since about 80% of the immune system is found in the gut, it is crucial to optimize the gut health in order to reach optimal health and prevent future disease. 


Fermented foods are the next big thing!
Due to their potency and large variety of naturally occurring probiotics the often home made fermented foods, are loaded with probiotics that can balance the gut. Fermented foods are made of whole foods instead of little capsules that you buy at the store.
Roxane Stone who holds a master's degree in Nutrition and Food Science and has worked for more than 12 years in the human food industry before she moved to the pet food industry in 2010 explains the importance of fermented foods in a dog's diet. There are many things today that can wreak havoc on the dog's gut such as overusing antibiotics as medicine or as non organic dog food. Additionally, dogs are exposed to Genetically Modified (GMO) foods that is processed and full of preservatives. All these factors play are major role in a dog's gut health. 

Outnumber the Bad Guys with Good Guys!

Probiotics compete against the bad bacteria so there can be 85% of good bacteria and only 15% of bad bacteria which is the ideal gut balance. Stone explains that it is better to use whole foods than supplements due to the presence of live cultures in fermented foods that also are more likely to survive the stomach acid and arrive in the intestines intact and ready to colonize.
Supplements are less effective because they are freeze dried and are inactive. They need to become activated and then make it through the stomach acid before it can reach the gut.

Good sources of Fermented Foods for dogs include: fish sauce, kombucha, root vegetables, whey and dairy products like kefir, yogurt, buttermilk and cheese.

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Turmeric better for your pup than Ibuprofen

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Turmeric for your dog is better than Ibuprofen!

Turmeric is a bright orange spice that is often used in the Indian cuisine. I believe this spice has so many benefits that you may want to consider adding it to your pups diet.

Turmeric contains Curcumin, which is the active ingredient that provides most benefits. It is anti inflammatory in nature and especially great for treating arthritis or joint pain.


A clinical trial published in the Journal of Clinical Interventions in Aging revealed that this wonder spice is also an effective painkiller. Ibuprofen is one of the most popular pain relievers in the US despite the fact that this pain killer can cause some serious side effects such as toxicity to the heart (According to the medical Journal The Lancet) Ibuprofen is highly toxic to dogs and should never be given to them.


With that said, there is a better natural alternative that has been proven to work. The study conducted reports that Curcumin and Ibuprofen were equally successful in reducing pain and discomfort and patients who consumed Curcumin scored even higher on tests of stair climbing and a 100-meter walk.


This study offers great promise for dogs in that it seems to be as effective as the anti inflammatory drug (NSAIDS) that is often prescribed by vets, but with far fewer side effects.


If your pup suffers from joint pain and/or arthritis you may want to give turmeric a try.

The best turmeric to buy is the organic turmeric you can purchase at a health food store that is more potent than one you can purchase at a grocery store. You can also purchase turmeric in the raw which is a root that you can crush and add to your pup’s food. It is recommended to add some black pepper with the spice in order to aid in the absorption.


The dosage recommendation is found from the Dogs Naturally Magazine: The recommended dose for dogs is 15 to 20 mg per pound of body weight per day, or more simply put, ⅛ to ¼ tsp. per day for every 10 lbs. in weight.

It is recommended to give your dog plenty of water in order to avoid constipation in that turmeric is a binding product.


It is always recommended to speak to your pup’s holistic vet if you are concerned about adding turmeric to your pup’s diet especially if your pup is already taking conventional medication.

For more information on turmeric and details of the study please visit this page


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Healed Dog's Skin Rash with Coconut Oil and Lavender Essential Oil

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A Natural Way to Heal a Rash and Allergies

The pictures above show my dog's mystreious rash on Day 1 and on Day 2 after I treated it with coconut oil and lavender oil.

To this day, I am unsure how and why my pup developed this rash. The only thing I can think of that was outside her normal routine that day is the fact that she was rolling in the grass outside our home more than she usually does.

She did her rolling while we were living on a golf course and I have recently found out that golf courses are treated/sprayed heavily with weedkillers to keep the grass looking pristine. Well, I do like how beautiful the course was maintained but I didn't realize that it was due to the heavy load of chemicals that my poor pup was rolling in and absorbed through her skin. I do remember seeing the maintenance workers spraying something that day but it didn't cross my mind that it could affect my pup. 

I treated her with coconut oil and lavender oil for a few days and the rash went away. 

We have since moved and are no longer living on a golf course:)

I personally love using essential oils and coconut oil for not only my pups but my entire family. Learn about the benefits of essential oils here: Essential oils for allergies and more





ASPCA- Before you adopt an animal

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ASPCA-Before you adopt an animal




Who Rescued Whom? Adopting a Pet Can Be More Beneficial Than You Think


Pets can be a great addition to any household. Whether you’re a couple looking to co-own a pet, a family looking for a furry friend for the kids, or an individual looking for companionship, adopting a pet will enhance your life.


For individuals who are dealing with depression or addiction recovery, animal-assisted intervention from an emotional support pet could be an effective way to reduce stress and anxiety, ease loneliness, and bring love and affection into your life. All of those benefits can be key in preventing relapse. Who hasn’t had their worries melt away with the sight of wagging tail and a slobbery kiss on the face? Have you ever pet a dog or cat continuously, only to discover an hour has gone by and you suddenly feel more relaxed than you were before? Pets are powerful.


As with all things, you get back what you put into something. To receive love from a pet, you have to give love. It’s unfair to adopt a pet that you’re not ready to care for in the way they deserve. Remember that you are this pet’s everything. Their world revolves around you, so make their world count for the short time that they’re alive.


Before you adopt an animal, make sure your lifestyle and living situation are suitable for a pet. Those with allergies to fur and dander might want to opt for a scaly pet instead of furry, four-legged friend. You might want to avoid a dog if you live in an apartment and have a busy work schedule. If you live in a house with a yard and are home most of the day, then a dog is perfect for you. If you’re an active person who likes to go on regular walks and jogs, then by all means, get a dog. Your life will feel more fulfilled with this loveable creature in your life.


Dogs need to be walked often, let out for bathroom breaks, and kept company. They are social animals, so they thrive with their leaders and loved ones. Dogs need your time and attention. Cats can be left alone for a day or two, as long they have a litter box and a timed feeder. Aquarium pets can last even longer without daily care, but all pets should only live with someone who has time to care for it.


Once you’ve found and rescued your pet, prepare your home for a warm welcome. He’s probably excited to get out of the cage at the shelter where you found him, but he will still need to adjust to a new environment and a new owner. A rescue pet that came from an unsafe situation prior to adoption might be nervous or fearful at first. Get him a nice habitat that features a bed, toys, and treats.


Make sure all other dwellers in the home — be they humans or other animals — don’t scare him off when he walks in the door. Other pets might need to be kept separate until the new addition is comfortable in his new space. Children need training as much as pets need housebreaking. Young children must learn to gently approach animals since they can be eager to shower a new animal with hugs, kisses, and tail pulls.


Now that your friend is comfortable in his new home, it’s time to make him feel like family. Bonding is important for the human-pet relationship, as this is how they learn to trust you and see you as their leader and protector. You can take your pet camping or hiking, on several daily walks, to a dog park or beach, or on a picnic in the park. Give him the quality of life that he deserves.


Pets deserve a good quality of life, but so do you. We could all use a little more love in our lives. Adopting a pet can be one of life’s most rewarding experiences, especially for someone who needs emotional support. Adoption means you get to rescue a homeless animal that will end up rescuing your heart.


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