4 Reasons Seniors Should Consider Getting A Dog

Aging doesn't necessarily mean that dog ownership is suddenly off-limits. In fact, a majority of senior pet owners are currently raising dogs of their own. This is attributed to the numerous amounts of benefits of raising a dog for seniors to enjoy. Here are some reasons why dog ownership in your golden years can be a large quality-of-life boost and should be considered strongly!

A Pet Dog Makes for a Healthier Senior

The companionship a canine brings into your life can lead to unexpected health benefits that are sure to surprise you. Pet ownership in your senior years is associated with better cognitive status and better physical function. As such, the positive impacts available to seniors with pet dogs influence both body and mind, holistically improving an older adult's overall wellness. Looking at how important health is to someone in their senior years, this should be reason enough for you to consider adding a pet dog to your retirement plans.

A Pet Dog Provides Companionship

Seniors tend to fall into behaviors such as social withdrawal and experiencing chronic loneliness. This sense of social isolation can not only be concerning for a senior's emotional well-being but also for their body. An elderly individual experiencing social isolation also experiences a higher risk of developing physical health conditions such as heart disease, and Alzheimer's disease, as well as a higher mortality rate. Thus, you can justifiably say that it's a life-saving decision for a lonely older adult to adopt a pet dog that serves as good company by their side.

A Pet Dog Provides a Sense of Routine

Dogs, being creatures of habit, require a sense of routine in their lifestyles. Hence, as a dog owner in your senior years, you'll find yourself developing a consistent routine that can provide a sense of structure and stability to both your and your dog's daily life with regular highlights of the day such as mealtimes and walks. This can drive your sense of purpose, which many seniors often lose due to all the changes they experience in this transitional stage of their life, causing themselves distress. Incorporating a dog into your daily routine can be a welcome breath of fresh air for someone in their senior years, introducing togetherness and companionship into mundane retirement life.

Seniors Can Create New Friends Through Their Dogs

Visiting the dog park, or any other dog-friendly establishment with your pet dog is always a great opportunity for a senior to make or strengthen connections and expand your circle in your golden years. Dog ownership is always a great common interest to talk about with another dog-loving friend. Furthermore, dogs are adored by many a human, even if they don't personally own one themselves. Hence, your dog can even start conversations for you, such as when people walk up to you in public to ask about or interact with your adorable furry friend!

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