5 Amazing Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Dogs

With its incredible variety of fatty acids, coconut oil is a fantastic addition to your dog's diet. Here are some of the main benefits of coconut oil for dogs.

It Facilitates Weight Loss

Dog obesity is a prevalent problem that can have long-term negative health effects. When a dog is overweight, his body is under stress, which can result in:

  • elevated blood pressure
  • Osteoarthritis or other joint issues
  • insulin resistance or diabetes
  • respiratory problems
  • liver malfunction or disease

Coconut oil can help your dog lose weight and maintain healthy thyroid function.

According to research, eating an MCFA-rich diet can potentially assist in reducing the amount of fat stored.

Your dog's body can absorb MCFAs to provide an instant energy boost, improving athletic performance and assisting with weight loss. Increased stamina might also benefit from this energy boost.

It Can Soothe Cracked Pads and Disinfect Cuts and Wounds

Perhaps your furry companion has gotten into a scuffle with another dog, or has been wearing an uncomfortable collar.

Coconut oil has been shown in studies to naturally possess antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. This makes it great as a natural topical antibiotic and the best substitute for those treatments that use chemicals already on the market. Use it to hasten the healing of wounds and cuts. Getting coat protective collars also serves as a good preventive measure against certain injuries your dog may sustain.

You don't have to worry about your dog licking it off, either, because it's safe to eat.

It is Great for the Skin and Coat

According to studies, coconut oil enhances the lipid levels on the skin's surface while hydrating it. As a result, it works well as a moisturizer if your dog has dry skin or dandruff.

Also, it will make your dog's coat glossy and sleek and help fight that "stinky dog" scent, on top of hydrating dry skin and easing the accompanying itching. Apart from coconut oil, you should also make sure to use a coat protective collar that is extra gentle on your dog's skin when you take them out for walks!

In Enhances Brain Functioning

Your dog's brain might require a little extra simulation as he ages. The solution is coconut oil. By supplying the brain with energy in the form of ketones, fostering healthy nerve and brain activity, and preventing dementia, it can enhance cognitive performance in older dogs.

It Can Keep Ticks and Fleas Away

The ability of coconut oil to ward off insects like ticks and fleas is a lesser-known usage. It has a lovely scent and is non-toxic. To help ward off ticks, just massage it into your dog's coat before taking him for a walk in the woods.

According to research, it can even assist in the all-natural eradication of mange-causing mites.

How Much Coconut Oil Should You Feed Your Dog?

You can give your dog up to 1 tablespoon per 10 pounds of body weight if you intend on feeding him coconut oil every day or every few days.

To prevent loose stools, you might want to start with only a quarter of that amount and work your way up.

The majority of dogs like the flavor of coconut oil and will cheerfully consume it. Try adding coconut flesh, coconut milk, or coconut water to your dog's meals if he is a pickier eater. Just ensure that it is free of sugar and preservatives!