5 Dog Collar Safety Tips To Prevent Accidents

We fit collars on our pups for good reason—to be equipped to quickly control and bring them away if anything hazardous comes by, and to serve as a locator when they go missing. However, dog collar mishaps are not all that infrequent. A collar around a dog’s neck also means they are in danger of choking, injury, or potentially death by strangulation if we don't pick a suitable collar or use it correctly. It's essential to choose the right collar size and know how to correctly put on a dog collar so that your pup is safe and comfy.

Dog collar injuries are most prevalent when dogs are play-wrestling together or running through narrow spaces like gates, fallen trees, or metal wiring. When their collar buckles, straps, or name tags get caught and entangled, dogs will panic and begin tugging and twisting aggressively, tragically resulting in suffocation. Additionally, if their incisors get hooked in another dog’s collar, it can result in serious tongue or mandible injury. If you’re looking for ways to avoid dog collar injuries, read these five dog collar safety tips to prevent accidents with your beloved companion.

Keep Your Pup Collar-Free Whenever Possible

Remove your dog's collar as much as possible to let him roam around unrestricted, particularly inside the house and within your backyard. Also, try to avoid using a collar all the time and opt for anti-pulling harnesses instead if your pup is a strong puller. It’s not as risky to their tracheas since it wraps around their backs rather than their necks, and harnesses have fewer sharp edges so the likelihood of choking is completely minimized.

Get a Breakaway Dog Collar      

The major benefit of breakaway collars is that when a strong force is applied, it automatically releases. This function only operates when your dog is wandering around by himself. When the lead is attached, the breakaway safety clip is inactivated. So if a collar accident occurs and your dog begins to tug on it, the collar will unclasp from your dog's neck to free him.

Maintain a Watchful Eye Outside            

When your pup is frolicking around outdoors with other dogs sporting collars, keep an eye on him at all times. This may be tiresome, but just as with children, maintaining a watchful eye on things is a foolproof method for avoiding a devastating outcome. Even better, make new acquaintances with other dog owners at the park so you can share the burden of keeping tabs on your dogs.

Carry a Pair of Mini Portable Scissors

If you’re planning to go for a stroll with your dog somewhere with narrow paths or to a dog park with a bunch of other dogs, bring a pair of mini portable scissors in your pocket. If your dog's collar gets caught anywhere, you'll be ready to quickly snip it and release him before anything bad occurs. Remember, you must vigilantly keep watch over your pup to be prepared to respond at any time.

Don’t Buy Hanging Name Tags

Get a doggy name tag that can be affixed to the collar instead of flapping about. Some collars include a designated built-in spot for a name tag, which is helpful. You could also consider stitching his name onto the collar as it’s both safe and stylish.