6 Calmest Dog Breeds With Easygoing Personalities

Dog owners all have their own preferences when it comes to their dream pet dog. While some dog owners enjoy raising rambunctious little rascals that are always on the move, it's understandable that some prefer to enjoy moments of relaxation with a more calm furry friend. Here are some of the calmest dog breeds with easygoing personalities for the low-key dog owner.

French Bulldog

These adorable little dogs are a perfect fit for you if you prefer calmer dogs that don't demand as much physical activity. This lack of demand for activity is based on the French Bulldog breed's long history of being purely pet dogs, hence the lack of hunting instincts or urge to eat up miles of trail. Frenchies are easygoing and lovable, making it easy for you and your family to get along with these cute canines.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavaliers are incredibly adaptable to their surroundings, taking well to both family life and apartment settings. These social butterflies find joy in snuggling up to their owners for comfort, making it hard not to fall in love with one! The Cavalier's personality and laid-back style of playing make it a highly-recommended breed for senior dog owners.

Basset Hound

Basset Hounds are the definition of "low-energy". This is attributed to their short, stubby legs that only allow for short walks before they get worn out. Furthermore, their history as scenthounds translates into them having a keener sense of smell, most choosing to explore their surroundings with their noses instead of roaming around on foot. While their deep, hound-like barking may be incompatible with certain apartment homes, their low-energy, low-key, low-maintenance personalities are perfect for quieter, relaxed household environments.

Irish Wolfhound

Due to Irish Wolfhounds' substantial size, it may come as a surprise that they're a good fit for relaxed, low-activity living. They usually don't require much physical activity beyond a short sprint around your backyard, which is much less demanding than the minimum amount active breeds require. Their low-maintenance personalities are also complemented by the fact that they're low-maintenance about grooming as well, due to them being a low-shedding breed of dog. Thus, you'll need to groom them much less as well.

Saint Bernard

While they may be a handful in their adolescent years, these energetic bundles of energy mature into peaceful, calm adult dogs that are much less high-maintenance. Since dog owners age with their pets, some are around for the ride for high activity levels while they're still young but they may feel exhausted into the dog's older years. Hence, they're a great choice for dog owners that want a pet that matures into a more calm disposition with age, or those looking to adopt a fully-grown dog.


These widely-loved doggies are adorable, so your family and guests are sure to love them! Bulldogs have stocky builds and short noses, making physical activity not the best fit for them. With the right training, a well-behaved bulldog is a great companion to relax with on a slow day.

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