A List Of The Most Kid-Friendly Dog Breeds

Dogs are one of the best companions out there. They're loyal and loving, add a sense of security to any home, and provide lots of entertainment for kids and adults! If you're a parent who's considering getting a dog but worried about how your child will interact with them, take heart. That's why we've rounded up some of the most kid-friendly dog breeds and explained why they're great for families with young children.

Golden Retriever

If you're looking for a dog willing to play, loves to be around people and even other dogs—but is also protective of your kids—a golden retriever may be the perfect fit.

Golden retrievers are affectionate, loyal, and gentle dogs with a knack for intelligence. They can also be very playful when they want to be!


Beagles are small, friendly, and affectionate. They make great family dogs because they love kids and get along well with other animals. Beagles are easy-going and playful, which makes them very good with children.

Beagles don't mind the company of strange people or other pets either—they'll happily go up to anyone in the park for a sniff! And if you want your dog to take a walk on the wild side, beagles are known for their friendly nature toward all creatures, great and small (including cats).

Labrador Retriever

Loyal, friendly, gentle, and playful. They are very intelligent dogs that are easy to train, especially if they're taught early in life. They love playing with kids and other animals as well. The Labrador is a great swimmer and can even be trained to retrieve objects like sticks or balls for you! These dogs are generally pretty laid back, but they need daily exercise to stay healthy. If you want a dog who will make your kid smile every day, this breed might be right for you!

Boston Terrier 

Boston Terriers are an excellent choice for families with kids. They're playful and energetic but not hyperactive. They crave human attention, making good cuddle buddies for little ones. Plus, they have a sweet temperament that makes them an excellent companion to children of all ages.

Boston Terriers also make good watchdogs because they're alert and protective by nature—they'll bark when they hear something unusual going on outside or inside the house! It's important to teach your Boston Terrier not to be aggressive toward people or other dogs before you bring him home; otherwise, he could accidentally hurt someone if he gets startled by an unexpected noise (like the sound of your child crying).

Rescue Dogs 

A rescue dog is a dog that has been rehomed or adopted out of the shelter. Because they've already been through so much in their lives, rescue dogs are often more grateful and loyal than other dogs. They also tend to be less expensive than other breeds because of their history, so if you're looking for a bargain pet, this might be the way to go!

Although some people may think that rescued pets would have had bad experiences in their past and would be challenging to train due to their chaotic histories with humans, this isn't necessarily true! These animals are often happy just being around people again—they've grown up fighting for survival on the streets and don't realize how fortunate they are now (because they've never known anything else). Most rescued dogs love being taken care of by someone who gives them food every day and ensures they're safe from danger; they'll return this affection tenfold with lots of love and loyalty!