How to Find the Most Comfortable, Coat Protective & Anti Itch Dog Collar?

There is an overwhelming amount of dog collars on the market today but which collars are best suited for dogs that suffer from allergies, matting, irritation or sensitive skin?
We are examining the differences between round and flat collars vs the most popular nylon and leather dog collars.

Today more and more dogs suffer from allergies and various skin disorders so wearing a collar that is comfortable and "clean" becomes a priority.
For safety reasons, dogs should be wearing collars 24/7. This is another reason why collar comfort should be first priority for a dog owner.

 ROUND DOG COLLARS are typically known for being best suited for dogs with longer fur/hair with a tendency to matting. These collars don't have an edge that can irritate the skin or rub on the hair and eventually result in matting issues. Round collars are available in various materials and even if your dog doesn't have long fur but suffers from sensitive skin it is recommended to use a round collar. We recommend leather that is natural and closest to a dog's own skin chemistry. Note, when looking for a leather dog collar you want to ensure the leather is soft and not Latigo leather that is rougher and harder on dogs skin.  About 95% of leather today is made in China or India using toxins so look for round collars made of soft Italian Leather that is vegetable tanned without the use of toxins.  We recommend looking for brands that are made in USA or Europe to ensure that high quality leather has been used.



FLAT COLLARS are very popular and come in various types of material. These collars are generally more suitable for dogs with short fur in that the flat edge can cause some friction and rubbing on hair and skin. When choosing a flat collar it is important to chose the right material. Nylon collars are very popular, affordable and pretty durable -although they don't seem to last that long. Leather collars typically last longer but are more costly, especially if you are getting high quality leather.  Again, it is important to be picky about the quality of leather. You want the collar to be sturdy but not too stiff so it will chafe your dog's neck. Soft and padded leather collars are a good option to keep your dog comfortable and safe.

Finally, don't let the price tag on a fancy design collar fool you to believe it is comfortable. Many collar makers prioritize the look over comfort which unfortunately can result in some serious damage to your pup's skin. Just google "Skin rub due to dog collar" and you will see thousands of disturbing pictures of dogs suffering from bad burns from non- functional dog collars.

< We noticed that there was a need for dog collars that were 100% natural, comfortable, durable and trendy which is why we created the Reverse Sewn  BALDY and FRISKY Collection. These Comfort Round and Flat Leather and Rope Dog Collars are made of Sustainable Leather from Century Old Tanneries in Italy. The colors are derived from plants and not chemicals. It takes HUND about 40 days to transform raw hides into unique, durable and versatile vegetable tanned leather while 90% of leather today is typically made in a couple of days using harsh chemicals. HUND's leather is velvety soft so the dog will actually enjoy wearing his collar 24/7 as well as being the most natural material for the dog to wear. Due to its purity the leather is most similar to the dog's own natural skin chemistry, thus the leather will not irritate the skin but will instead prevent scratching and itching in the neck area and allow the dog to feel free and comfy. 




HUND Denmark marries nature and Functional Danish Design with the latest Technology to protect our environment, companions and employees. The BALDY Collars have been chosen as a favorite product by the Modern Dog Magazine and are the only round collars on the market without an outside seam to prevent irritation suitable for short and long haired dog breeds. 

So in the end, it may cost us a few more pennies per square foot of leather, but we feel that it is a small price to pay for leather that will last longer, is kinder to our companions as well as the earth.

For the love of Pets, People and Planet,
Owner of HUND Denmark

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