Camping With Dogs: 6 Pieces Of Advice From The Pros

Camping with dogs can be a real bonding experience, but a lot could go wrong if you don't go prepared. Here are a few pieces of advice from seasoned campers who have travelled with their dogs.

Bring Enough Water

You won't have access to drinkable water if you aren't camping at a developed campsite. Although most people remember to bring extra water for themselves, they often forget that their dog could also get thirsty.

Double the amount of water you typically bring with you so that there is also enough for your dog.

Keep Your Dog on a Lease at All Times

You should keep your dog on a leash or lead in many campgrounds. There is a valid reason to follow this tip, even if it is not a rule. 

To begin with, your dog might stray onto another camper's property and cause trouble for other campers. Also, if your dog escapes, they might come across a wild animal that isn't as kind as they are. They could also disappear or get lost. Moreover, allowing your dog to run wild doesn't exactly adhere to the "leave no trace" philosophy.

Before taking your dog on a camping trip, it's ideal to have trained them to obey simple commands.

Pro tip: In case your dog runs off in the dark, buy them a reflective padded collar. If someone else finds them, you should attach a sticker to their tag with your campsite's number or location.

Protect Them from the Elements

To keep your dog comfortable on chilly evenings, provide them with a dog sleeping bag and/or doggie jacket.

On the other hand, you can purchase heat-resistant booties to shield your dog's paws from the scalding sand and rocks during excursions in the scorching desert. In order to prevent them from overheating on warm days, you may also equip them with cooling vests that you soak in water.

Bring Toys to Calm Them Down

On a camping excursion, your dog could become anxious, especially if it's their first time. Include some dog toys for them to play with to help them relax. Also, it provides them with entertainment in the event of boredom.

Bring a First Aid Kit for Pets

A campsite in the mountains may be far from a vet. Always have a first aid kit with you in case your pet (or yourself) sustains a minor injury.

A few items you should bring are:

  • Liquid bandages for cuts
  • Iodine that can be used to treat cuts and minor wounds.
  • In the event that they are stung by a bee, give them Benadryl or a 25 mg tablet of tick remover (1 mg per pound is ideal for a 25-pound dog).

Get Them Vaccinated

Infections of every kind can be acquired by dogs in the wild. They might get bitten by ticks that carry Lyme disease or fleas that can give your dog a tapeworm. Mosquito bites can also transmit heartworms to your dog. To protect your dog from any infections they might contract on your camping trip, make sure they are properly medicated and immunized.

Consult your veterinarian if you're unsure of what treatments or shots your dog needs to stay safe while camping. Be sure to follow these tips for an awesome and safe  trip with your canine companion!