Can’t Walk Your Dog? Do These 7 Fun Activities Instead

Can’t walk dogs every day? While walking your dog every day is recommended, sometimes you just can’t. Perhaps the weather’s bad, or you’re not feeling too good. Don’t beat yourself up – life happens! If you’re looking for other fun activities to do with your dog, here are some of our favorites.

Flirt Pole

This is just a dog toy tied to a rope. It’s simple but effective. All you have to do is swing it around and get your dog to run after it, occasionally letting them get the toy. You don’t have to move a lot doing this, and it’s a great way to exercise without a lot of space. While this game is remarkably simple, something about it drives dogs wild! If your dog has hip dysplasia, however, you’ll need to be mindful of how to move the pole. Avoid jerky motions that cause your dog to move abruptly.


Another way to have fun without too much movement on your part! Grab some bubble solution and blow them for your pup to attack! There are also bubble solutions for dogs that come in flavors like peanut butter and chicken!

Pass the Puppy

Rustle up a few volunteers, have them sit in a circle, and pass around some treats. Try not to make the circle too small or closed as this can intimidate your dog. Once the circle is set, each person can call out to the dog, either by name or with interesting noises. When your dog goes up to the person that’s called them, praise them and give them treats or a toy.

Hide and Seek

Have someone hold on to your dog (gently!) while you hide. Once you’re settled, call out to your dog. When they find you, lavish them with praise, treats, or a toy! If this is your first time playing, don’t hide yourself too well – your dog might give up otherwise! Once your dog gets better, you can make it harder and harder to find you. If you’ve got a bunch of people at home, up the ante and have everyone hide so that your dog has more of a challenge! 

Find the Toy/Treat

Hide and seek with a toy or treat instead of people! Put your dog’s nose and brain to work with this game. Hold up the toy or treat of your choice to your dog to get them excited, and hide the object, then get your dog to find it! When they get it, praise them as they enjoy the treasure they’ve found.


It’s back to the basics with this fun game. Activate your dog’s canine instincts by letting them scavenge for dinner instead of eating another meal out of a bowl. Scatter a regular amount of dog food in your yard or living room, and let your dog run wild!

Indoor Games

Make an obstacle course out of your living room. Make a tunnel with blankets and chairs or set some buckets in a line for your dog to weave through – get creative! You’ll have to guide your dog through these obstacles beforehand by sticking a treat in front of their nose to lure them through.