Dog Whining For Attention: Causes & How To Stop

Dogs are very vocal creatures, especially to their humans, whom they trust most. Whining is their form of verbal communication. Like humans, dogs whine when they’re experiencing discomfort, or when they don’t get something they want. It can also mean they’re stressed and unhappy. But because dogs are also in need of attention like that of a child, they whine when they seek it. A dog whining for attention can mean a lot of things. Knowing the reason behind it can save you some trouble. Although this behavior is generally perceived as negative, this is usually your dog’s way of communicating its needs. Want to spot the reason behind your Dog’s whining for attention? Here are some causes on why dogs whine and how to stop them:

Their Food and Water Bowls are Empty

Just like a baby cries when it's hungry or thirsty, your dog does the same. Dogs whine when their food and water bowls are empty. They won’t stop until you get up and give them what they need. So keep them well-fed and hydrated and their whining should stop.

They need to Poo or Pee

When a dog needs to relieve itself, it might whine to let you know. They simply want to go outside and do their business. To stop whining, all you have to do is open the door and let them go outside. Don’t forget to clean up after them.

They are in Pain

When humans experience extreme pain, we tend to cry. For dogs, they whine. When your dog is whining because of pain, there are signs you should look out for. Here are some signs that your dog may be whining because of pain:

  • Whining more often
  • Changes in behavior, such as being lethargic and inactive
  • Changes in appetite
  • Changes in sleeping patterns
  • Physical signs like limping or even avoiding your touches.

They Feel Anxious or Stressed

When you bring your dog to a new environment they’re not used to, they might experience anxiety and stress. This causes them to whine. Other reasons may include separation from their owners, or even loud noises can be a factor. Their whining is a sign for you to comfort them. Provide a safe space for them and avoid any potential triggers.

They Want Your Constant Attention

Sometimes, your dog is just clingy. They want your full attention, just like how toddlers are. They may want you to pet or play with them. To stop their whining, give them what they want. Perhaps cuddle with your 4-legged friend and give them the toys they want. The attention you give them should stop their whining.


When a dog whines for attention, it’s important you don’t ignore them. It’s their way of communicating their needs and wants. Whether they’re in pain, or they just simply want to play, a dog’s whine is a call for attention. Sometimes, they want those doggy treats you’ve been hiding in your cupboard. Either way, don’t ignore your dog’s whines to save yourself from further trouble.

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