Dog Whining For Attention: Causes & How To Stop It

Dogs are like people when you think in terms of emotions. Human beings can laugh, cry, get upset or just plain annoying depending on what they are feeling. While it is great to laugh and play with your pup, it can be quite annoying when they whine to no end. There are a couple of reasons why your furry companion could be cranky and whining for attention is top on the list. 

Why Your Dog Is Craving Attention

You have probably been in one or more of these kinds of situations before where your pup could be hungry, thirsty, ready for playtime. They could also feel neglected, bored, be pressed to use the potty or just needy for one thing or the other. Dogs that whine for what they want tend to be aggravating. These dogs will whine their canine hearts out till they get what they want.

We understand that this uncomfortable situation makes you want to give them whatever they want but that will only worsen their whining over time. This is because whining is a behavior that gets engraved with reinforcement. Nevertheless, if you discover that your dog is whining because of something serious like them having their collar on too tight, loosen it immediately.

How to Handle Your Whiny Dog

These are the three best ways to handle your attention-seeking whiny dog.

  • Stand Your Ground

The more you cave into the attention-seeking whiner, the more they whine because they recognize that it works. This means that the better your dog gets at whining, the more they will whine to get your attention. To correct this behavior, you have to stand your ground. We know it can feel so difficult to look into your pup's big, glassy eyes and not want to spoil them. We also know that it can be a bit tricky to do this without it feeling like neglect, but it is quite necessary. Whenever you feel like giving in, remember that you are only paying the behavior and it is bound to get worse.

  • Ignore the Whining

No matter how hard your pet dog whines, do not give in. As a matter of fact, do not go to pick them up, talk to them or look into their eyes. Doing these things will reward the behavior and reinforce it but this is not what you want for them. So, you will need to wait until they quiet down. Only then should you go to them and reward the quiet instead. If your dog starts whining right after you go to them, leave them again so that they know not to whine for your attention.

  • Use Dog Treats

When your dog quiets down, you should reward that behavior with our healthy dog treats that they would love. If your pup was trying to get out of their crate or wanting to play, this would be the best time to give them attention. While you are attending to your dog’s needs, throw in some healthy dog treats as an incentive for them to stick with good behavior. We are sure that if you stay on course with these methods, your dog will eventually stop whining. Following these steps will further help you train your dog to communicate in other better ways more easily.