Getting Your Overweight Dog Back In Shape

Let’s not deny it. We all find plump and chubby pups adorable. However, having weight issues is not going to help the dog in any way. When it comes to your dog’s health, keeping them in shape can definitely help them lead a much more fulfilling lifestyle. If you have an overweight dog, here are some effective tips that we have put together to help you keep your dog healthy by losing weight.

Custom Exercise Plan

Every dog varies in terms of its diet and physical needs. Not every regime will work on every dog so you need a personalized exercise plan that actually works for the breed of your dog. You can inquire with a vet to help your dog lose weight the safe way. You can first start by taking your dog out on walks. For active breeds, they need at least 30 minutes of daily exercise and approximately 60 minutes of daily activity. You can also experiment with playing fetch, jumping over boxes, or any other fun activities that your dog will enjoy.

Reducing Treats

It is normal for us to shower our dogs with love and we often exhibit our affection through dog treats. Sometimes we overlook the fact that overindulging our dogs with treats may actually implicate their health when they become overweight. Our dog’s digestive tracts are not that far different from ours. Hence, our dogs can pack more pounds at a much faster rate than us. You can consider changing the types of treats into something healthier or you can ensure that you stick to regular feeding times so you will not have to overfeed your dog with treats.

Personalized Dog Bowls

It is important to track what goes into your dog’s food bowl. This is because their daily diet can affect their health. Understand the ingredients of your dog’s food and whether or not they contain generic animal fat or any other unidentified food sources as they are unhealthy for your dog in the long run. To help your dog maintain their health, get food that contains healthier ingredients such as canola oil, fish oil, or sunflower oil. Providing your dog with quality food while also making sure that they get regular exercise can help them get back into shape.

Interactive Games

Dogs are naturally playful. Hence, they can actually stay in shape even without exercising. Take advantage of their natural playful nature by putting together a list of interactive games. You can get your dog to participate in an agility course that can stimulate their mind while also keeping their body fit. Depending on what your dog enjoys doing, you can organize suitable games that encourage participation so your dog will stay active. You will also get to bond with your dog while they are having fun, thus keeping both of you closer together.

Dog Boot Camp

As a last resort, there are various boot camps specially designed for dogs. Apart from exercising, your dog will also go through basic obedience training that will help them become more disciplined when it comes to feeding. They will also get to mingle with other dogs, thus developing a friendly nature.