The Essential New Puppy Checklist: 7 Things To Shop

Welcoming a new member to the family is always exciting! In preparation for your furry friend’s arrival, here’s a new puppy checklist of things to shop for so that you’re all prepared to welcome them home. 

Food and Water Bowls 

There are many different bowls out there, so make sure you get the right one! Plastic bowls are cheap and widely available. If your puppy is a chewer, make sure to discard their bowl once it’s gone through some wear and tear so that they don’t ingest small plastic pieces. Stainless steel bowls are more durable in comparison, and if your puppy has a habit of flipping the bowl, you can consider heavier materials such as glass, ceramic, or stoneware bowls.

Food and Treats 

You’ll want to get food and treats targeted specifically for puppies. Look out for something balanced and nutritionally-complete that adheres to the Association of American Feed Control Official standards. 

Walking Equipment 

Collar, harness, and leash – you’ll need to prepare whatever you need to take your pup on their daily walks! For puppies, we recommend holding off on the harness until they reach a more stable size, as they tend to grow quickly. 


Crates provide a place for your pup to take a break. It is an enclosed space that can serve as a safe haven for your puppy if they’re feeling overwhelmed. Ensure that the crate is sized well for your puppy – they should be able to stand up, turn around and lie down comfortably within it. A crate is an investment, so you should take into consideration the fact that your puppy will grow and decide accordingly. 

Soft Bedding 

You’ll want your puppy to have a place of its own to snuggle up. Choose bedding that is the right size – one in which they can lie completely stretched out if they wish without hanging over the edge. Like a crate, you’ll want to take your pup’s future size into consideration. Look out for beds that are easy to clean. 


Something for your pup to snuggle up with on rainy days, something to stimulate them physically and mentally, and something that they’ll grow to love! You’ll want to provide your new pup with toys that engage and calm them down. 

Grooming Products 

These include puppy shampoo, conditioner (if necessary), and anti-tick and flea products. For the latter, you’ll want to get your vet’s opinion – they may also recommend ingestible products. Ensure that the products that you are purchasing are appropriate for puppies. Do not use human-oriented products as humans and dogs have very different skin pH levels. Puppies would also do better with gentler shampoos than older dogs, so pick something made with puppies in mind. Other items to consider are brushes, nail clippers, and the like.

Welcoming Your New Pup 

Bringing a puppy into your household is an exciting and rewarding event for everyone in the household. You’ll want to make sure that you have everything you need to help your new friend feel comfortable and safe. We wish you a happy, fulfilling journey with your new friend!