Top 7 Benefits Of Salmon For Dogs

Did you know that dogs love salmon too? This fishy treat is not just a favorite of felines, our canine friends love to lap them up as well! It’s a premium treat that’s not only delicious but packed with nutrients that nourish your dog inside and out. Here are 8 benefits of salmon for dogs. 

Protein Punch 

Dogs need more protein in their diet than people. Protein is needed for dogs to grow and heal, and is an essential driver of their metabolic process. The Association of American Feed Control Officials recommends adult dogs to have 18% of crude protein in their diet minimum, while puppies are recommended to have 22.5%. Salmon provides quality protein for your pup while being lower in total fat than other sources of protein. 

For the Picky Eaters 

If your dog’s a picky eater, salmon may be the solution. Studies have shown that dogs fed a kibble diet containing chicken and salmon preferred the salmon. The smell and texture of salmon are highly appealing to dogs.

Easy to Digest 

Salmon is an ingredient that’s easy for dogs to break down and digest. Compared to chicken, salmon has a higher digestibility, so if your dog’s tummy isn’t feeling so great, salmon is a good choice.

Rich in Nutrients  

Salmon is rich in B vitamins, selenium, and potassium. These vitamins help your dog out with energy production, reducing inflammation and DNA repair and synthesis. The same goes for selenium, which also helps to protect your dog’s bone health. Potassium helps reduce blood pressure levels and maintain normal rates of fluid in cells. 

Another nutrient that salmon is rich in is omega 3. Out of all the meat ingredients used in dog food, salmon is the biggest one for having naturally high levels of omega 3. The fatty acids omega 3 can help your dog maintain cardiovascular function and encourage fetal development. 

Healthy Skin, Shiny Coats 

The Omega 3 present in salmon is good for your dog’s coat and skin. It helps protect against ultraviolet rays and treat skin diseases like psoriasis and dermatitis. 

Fights Allergies

If you’ve got a sensitive dog, try a salmon diet. You might not know that many common proteins like beef, chicken, and turkey contain allergens to dogs. So, if you notice that your dog seems allergic to something, try swapping their regular diet out for salmon. The Omega 3 present in salmon also helps reduce inflammation, which helps with skin conditions.

Improves Mobility 

Dogs with joint conditions such as hip dysplasia can greatly benefit from a diet of salmon since it reduces inflammation. It’s a good preventative against the possibility of future joint disease as well and reduces the risk of heart disease too. With all these benefits, why not start your pooch on a salmon-rich diet today? You can also pick up salmon-flavored dog treats to start your dog small or just provide them with a healthy boost throughout the day. You can also check out other foods that are surprisingly good for dogs, like olive oil!