What Are The Ideal Dog Breeds For Seniors?

As you approach your golden years, you may develop an interest in pet ownership, similar to many other seniors out there. Statistically, dogs are the most popular pet species among seniors, proving their popularity within this demographic. However, one worry that you may have about dog ownership at this stage of your life is whether your potential new pet clashes with your retirement lifestyle. Not to worry! Here are some dog breeds for seniors of all different lifestyles, so you can find the one that fits you best.


Poodles are one of the most ideal dog breeds to raise as a senior, being great companion dogs for any dog lover. Their highly intelligent and obedient personalities make training sessions a joy, with minimal stress involved. Your poodle will make for great motivation to get in a walk or two every day, while not being overly demanding about physical activity otherwise. If you have a specific size in mind you're looking for in your potential new pet dog, you'll be glad to know that all three poodle sizes (toy, miniature, standard) are equally charming and lovable!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

If you're looking for a lapdog that's incredibly affectionate and cuddly, look no further than the Cavalier. These tiny social butterflies get along with people of any age, including seniors, of course! They're extremely adaptable, meaning that you don't have to change your lifestyle for your pet Cavalier, as they're flexible enough to follow yours instead, whether it's a high-energy or low-energy one. They're also highly intelligent dogs, making it easy for you to train them and teach them basic commands that'll come in handy during various situations.

Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers are another wee-sized, affectionate breed of dogs that are perfect for a senior looking for a companion dog. Their low-maintenance coats of fur are short and smooth, saving time and money on grooming. They don't demand much physical activity and don't bark very often, making them suitable for apartment life as well. Just take note that they aren't the biggest fans of hot weather!

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

If you're looking for an attentive, protective watchdog that's utterly devoted to you, look no further than a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. These watchdogs have a long history of being herding dogs, which explains their lively nature and love for the great outdoors. Fun fact: These reliable furry friends are Queen Elizabeth II's favorite dog breed.


If you're a fan of small pooches, but not a fan of all the loud yapping that comes with them, you're in luck! Pugs are little, cuddly dogs that are low-activity compared to other similar dogs in size that bounce off the walls. Pugs prefer to spend their time indoors, so if you're a homebody, you'll love indulging in an afternoon nap with your cuddly canine companion.

As a senior, you'll want to be extra prepared for life with your new dog. Stock up on all the necessary dog products you need and more here at HUND Denmark's store!