Ålborg- No Pull, Rolled, Comfort and Cloud-Like Soft Leather Harness


Upgrade your dog's walking experience with the Ålborg- Coat Protective No Pull Harness from HUND.

No More Leash Pulling:
Discourage pulling with our front-leash clip design, creating discomfort to curb your dog's pulling behavior

Full Control of Dog: Achieve full control of your dog with both front chest and back leash attachment options.

Hypoallergenic Luxuriously Soft Leather: Made from Vegetable Tanned leather without toxins; ideal for sensitive skin and allergies.

Protects Against Environmental Toxins: Vegetable tanned leather closely mimics  dog's own skin structure made with clean ingredients derived from plants and trees.

Prevents Hair Pulling and Matting: Innovative round design prevents pulling, matting, and skin irritation, offering comfort in all weather conditions.

Hair-Friendly Reverse Stitching: Reverse stitching eliminates hair pulling and matting, promoting a comfortable wearing experience.

Optimal Control: Equipped with two adjustable points and two D-rings, providing optimal control during walks and leash training. Works complementary with the "KØBENHAVN 6 in one leash"

Rust-Free Hardware: Features durable, rust-free hardware for long-lasting use
Customizable Options: Choose from in-stock black or brown harnesses or customize your harness for a perfect, tailored fit.

Supports Local Animal Shelters: By choosing the Ålborg Harness from HUND, you support local animal shelters, promoting a good cause while upgrading your dog's style, strength, and comfort.

This leather artisan crafted harness features rust-free hardware, durable nylon rope on the inside of the round leather, and hypoallergenic leather suitable for sensitive skin and dogs suffering from allergies. The harness's unique construction is most similar to a dog's own skin structure, making it the most natural material for them to wear. The innovative design prevents pulling, matting, and skin irritation, ensuring comfort in any weather. The reverse stitching eliminates hair pulling and matting, while the two adjustable points and two D-rings provide optimal control on walks and teaches the dog not to pull on a leash. The no-pull harness is designed to discourage your dog from pulling. It achieves this by positioning the leash clip at the front of the harness, creating discomfort when your pup pulls. When your dog pulls, pressure is applied to their chest, deterring them from continuing the action and curbing their pulling behavior. Furthermore, the no-pull harness design redirects your dog in the direction the leash is facing. If your dog persists in pulling despite the chest pressure, they'll be guided to the right or left, which is not the direction they desire to go. This redirection quickly discourages the behavior since it offers no benefit to them.


Follow The Video Measuring Guide For A Perfect Fit Harness

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Customer Reviews

Based on 86 reviews
Gary Harper
Lots of Compliments

The best quality harness I have seen. Lots of compliments on this one.

LeeAnn Harling
Excellent Quality

The halter is of excellent quality and exceeded my expectations. I got it for a growing pup so I do hope when he is grown I can get another one made. Waiting for the matching leash!!

Cheryl Morrison (Philadelphia, US)

Ålborg- No Pull, Rolled, Comfort and Cloud-Like Soft Leather Harness

Shana Goldin-Perschbacher (Cheshire, US)
Doesn’t prevent matts and hangs below

I ordered a custom fit with careful discussion with a Hund employee. This product is well made. But it doesn’t prevent matts. And the bottom section doesn’t adjust well enough to fit — it hangs below my dog. Bummer! I really wanted to love this company’s thoughtfully-made products.

Ann Dunnington (Troutville, US)