FURBALL - Coat Protective No Pull Harness




FURBALL Coat Protective No Pull Round Harness

Beautiful and Luxurious Round and Extra Soft leather Dog Harness

Protects Dog's Coat: HUND's Unique Innovative Reverse Sewn Stitching (No Outside Seam to bother and mat the dog)

Functional Design that Prevents Matting, Pulling and Skin Irritation

Perfect for warmer days in the sun

Strong and Robust with Resistant Nylon Rope inside

Every Harness is Hand Crafted by Leather Artisans with Hand stitched details

Century Old Italian Stitching Technique for Superior Strength and Durability 

2 D rings for Leash Attachment in Front and Back for Optimal Control. (Attach leash to front chest or back or both)

Silky Soft Leather Awarded: "Blue Angel Certificate" for Eco Friendliness and Clean Ingredients.

Hypoallergenic Leather for Even the Most Sensitive Skin Dog.


A harness secures around the dog's body and distributes the pulling force on stronger parts of the dog's anatomy, the likelihood of injury on the neck, spine and windpipe are greatly reduced. HUND's harness has two adjustments. One at the bottom chest and one on the side. The bottom adjustment will only need to be set the first time the harness is being used to ensure proper fit. The side adjustment is easy to open and closes exactly as any standard dog collar. HUND's unique placement of the closing feature is on the side for optimal comfort for the pet. The rounded design is perfect for preventing matting and hair pulling. 

Measuring Guide:

Harness measuring guide

When measuring for a HUND harness you want to measure the neck and girth.

A) The first circumference to measure is at point A (as marked on the above picture) You want to place the tape measurer mid on the chest and lower on the back of the neck. You want it to fit more like a necklace and not a standard dog collar. 

B) The second circumference to measure is at point B. You want to place the tape measurer at the widest part of the chest immediately behind the front legs.






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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
James DuPont
Great Harness!

I am very, very pleased with the HUND Denmark No-Pull Harness. It fits my dog very well, and is quite secure and comfortable. It also is obviously made well, and I expect that it will last much longer than other harnesses I have tried. It also looks great, and I have received a number of compliments already.

Jean Leavitt
Not sure

I want one of these I have 2 of your collars a leash and a 6 and one leash.
I cannot understand how this works.

Enrico Soriano
As Advertised

I received my No Pull Harness a little over a week after purchasing it from their website and it fits PERFECTLY. We've only gone on one walk but can already tell it's not matting her fur. She's gonna enjoy me not trying to detangle her chest fur anymore! Thanks, HUND!

Lysena Bertoli
Chic and short!

Maggie our 8 lb poodle looks so sophisticated in her new harness. The Carmel colour is a perfect match for her apricot coat.

Melissa Brinkley
So far so good

My dog already had mats in her hair when I received this harness. She went to the groomer this morning and she came home with a cute little pixie cut. Now we will see how well this works to keep her hair from matting. I have a feeling it is going to be great. The quality is wonderful and looks so nice. So far so good!