Coat Protective "BALDY" Rolled/Round Leather Collar For Strong/Larger Breeds


Padded leather collar


BALDY Available in 2 widths 1/3" and 2/5" 
1/3" For Medium to Strong Dogs
2/5" For Strong to Very Strong Dogs

HUND BALDY Collars are :

  • Extra Strong and Durable
  • Buttery Soft
  • Fur Protective Round Design with an Inverted Seam Available ONLY by HUND Denmark
  • Hypoallergenic Clean and Real Natural Leather Closest to Dog's Own Skin Structure
  • Extra Strong Stitching! No Rivets that weaken the leather structure
  • Protects from Matting, Rubbing, Irritation and Skin Sensitivities
  • Made in Europe from Italy's Century Old Tanneries with Dyes Derived from Plants and Trees.
  • Pure and Clean Ingredients to Support the Well Being of Dogs and Planet
  • Certified Environmental Friendly
  • Made in Europe

    The only round/rolled leather collar with no outside seams to provide ultimate comfort for pet and coat protection. Durability is secured with a nylon rope on the inside of each collar. Hardware is durable and strong with real Solid Brass and Chrome. Each collar is hand made by experienced leather artisans. The leather  is sourced from Italy and the product is designed in Denmark.

Danish Design is world renown for Simplicity and Functionality which is perfectly reflected in the BALDY collection.  

The BALDY collar is the perfect marriage of Comfort and Sophistication in a modern reverse sewn collar. Each collar is carefully crafted by leather artisans from clean eco friendly velvety soft leather hand picked from Italy's small and finest leather tanneries.
This Danish designed collar is available in six vibrant and elegant colors derived from plants to match your pup’s one of a kind personality and undergoes over 30 steps before it becomes a finished product. The look is completed with a feather light 2D HUND Denmark tag.


What Do Some of the Customers Say:

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Recognized as a Favorite Product of 2017 by Modern Dog Magazine 



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Coat Protective "BALDY" Rolled/Round Leather Collar For Strong/Larger Breeds


Coat Protective "BALDY" Rolled/Round Leather Collar For Strong/Larger Breeds

Well made collar

We’re very pleased with our Baldy rolled leather collar. The quality is excellent and so is Hund Denmark’s customer service. Our Australian Labradoodle is very happy with her new collar too! It’s more expensive than others, but we’ll worth it. Some years ago I heard this saying which applies to this purchase perfectly: “ The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten“.

Great for any dog

My dog doesn’t have thick hair where a collar mats his hair. I bought this collar to keep him comfortable and this collar is perfect. There’s nothing perturbing on this collar. The leather is super soft. It’s really a great collar that doesn’t interfere with the dogs movement.


nice. beau likes his new collar says he is styling.