Rolled/Round Leather, Coat Protective, Soft And Durable In Many Colors -Skinny Width


Sizing Chart 

SKINNY COLLAR is ideal for Smaller and Medium-sized dogs for a sleek and less bulky look. 

The "ALL NEW REINVENTED Rolled Leather Collar -Two-Toned

  • Built to Last
  • Narrow and Light Design   
  • Anti Rubbing, Matting, and Pulling with a unique “Inverted Seam” design
  • Made with Environmentally Friendly and Award-Winning Hypoallergenic Leather
  • Soft Leather crafted by genuine leather artisans from Europe
  • Powerful stitching that reinforces the structure
  • No rivets for maximum durability
  • Ropes and padding on interior to ensure comfort

The BALDY collar features two leather colors and easily stands out from the rest. Your companion is sure to enjoy the comfort that this buttery soft padded leather provides.  

If you have been searching for a collar that will last a lifetime and of superior quality, then this BALDY collar might just be what you are looking for.

HUND has improved the use of standard rolled leather for superior performance which prevents any hair-pulling, matting, rubbing, and even skin sensitivities commonly associated with pet collars.

HUND’s top priority is to ensure that each collar is comfortable for our companions to wear even for long periods. We believe that every dog should be cozy and warm even with a collar worn on them.

HUND makes use of natural vegetable tanned leather that is only found in the small tanneries of Italy. The material has been tested to be perfectly compatible with the skin structure of dogs and is also buttery soft and comfortable. The dyes used in the leather are environmentally friendly and protect the planet unlike the majority of other leather products in the market.





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Customer Reviews

Based on 245 reviews
Jason Kuhn
Exactly what I was looking for

Soft and comfortable. Looks great and appears to well made. Can't speak to the durability yet.

kacian s brown
No more staining

My Prince 🐶 is all white. I tried many other collars but was left with fur staining that was hard to get out. Tried Hund brand and no more staining. So glad I found your brand! Will definitely order another for my other doggie Duke 🐶.

Nancy Duffy
Not holding up as expected

When I first purchased this collar a year ago, I thought it was beautifully made and the color was gorgeous. My previous dogs had rolled leather collars from pet stores that lasted a lifetime for half the price and fully expected this one to do so as well. My 14 lb. Havanese manages to get it off even though it's buckled and through the straps. I don't mean she slips it off, I mean she opens it up. We find it on the ground unfastened. She's managed to chew almost off the end of the collar where the rolled leather is attached. It is literally being held on by the end stitch where the attachment is. I've never had a dog able to do this, but this is also the first rolled leather collar I've owned that isn't one continuous piece of leather.

Alisha Armstrong
Beautiful but was larger than expected

Very soft. I measured using video but it was still too large. I am exchanging for a smaller size. It is very comfortable for my dog.

Barbara Schmitt
NO Mats or Tangles!

I had purchased a traditional 'cloth' collar for my long-haired purebred Ragdoll and he had a terrible mat around his neck within a few days. The Hund collar not only looks nice but he doesn't seem to mind it at all and there is NO, and I mean ZERO tangles or matting around his neck. This is a fabulous product and well worth the money.