Coat Protective "GIZMO" Rolled/Round Leather Collar For Extra Sensitive and Severe Matted Dogs


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Recommended for Medium size Breeds. 

Crafted from one piece of Velvety Soft Leather to prevent any rubbing and friction to the coat.

Follows High Quality Standards : Anti-Allergic, Anti- Matting, Anti- Rubbing, Anti- Irritating, Sustainable and Eco-Friendly 

Padded Cushion Inside for Optimal Pillow Soft Comfort and Superior Durability. Italy's finest and softest 100 % Real and Sustainable Leather

Hand Crafted by Experienced Leather Artisans with Hand Stitched Details on Every Single Collar

Extra Strong Stitching! No Rivets that weaken the leather structure

Light weight

Solid Brass and Chrome Hardware

Softest Leather in the World- Crafted in Century old Tanneries Equipped with a New Age Environmental Friendly Technology
Like all HUND round collars the  Gizmo collar also  prevents matting/rubbing/irritation in the neck area and is unique from other round collars on the market. HUND does not use rolled Latigo leather (Which is hard and not very comfortable for the dog). We use highest grade supple Italian leather with a durable yet soft Nylon Rope on the inside for superior strength. The Gizmo collar is made of one piece of leather and is the best solution for extreme matting problems.

The collar is soft as well as strong. HUND has removed outside stitching and edging on the round part of the collar to provide optimal comfort for the pet. The perfectly rounded collar with no outside stitching prevents hair matting as well as hair breakage and hair pulling.

If your dog has very sensitive skin, allergies, and/or is bothered by flat collars, this collar will be the one to choose. HUND leather is the most natural material for the dog to wear because it is most similar to the dog's natural chemistry. At the same time, HUND only uses Vegetable Tanned leather with dyes derived from plants and without chemicals that often can irritate the dog's skin.  

Unfortunately too many dogs suffer from hair matting issues especially in the neck area due to bothersome dog collars. Hair matting can be very uncomfortable and painful to the pet. In fact, hair matting can cause many rashes, skin irritation and pull the hair to the point of bruising. The only way to get rid off hair matting is to get the dog groomed and cut of the matted area.

You can prevent hair matting with HUND's round dog collars. Your dog will love the feeling of a soft and light collar without painful matting.


Your pet will love to wear this collar but will barely feel its there.




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Round /Rolled Collars

I love these Collars, and I am glad I found you all. Quality is extremely good. I got 2 Corgis. One Cardigan and one Pembroke. I plan to purchase also the Harness. My 7 month old Pembroke needs it

Happy Dance

I have a Rat Terrier that has very sensitive skin. He has had several collars that have rub his hair off his neck. I was told to try a rolled leather collar. I could not find one locally so I started my search on the internet. I found Hund liked what I saw but hesitated at the price. Finally talked myself into buying the Gizmo collar. After all it is for a very special guy and he is worth it. I’m very pleased with the softness and quality of this collar. Zak’s hair has started growing back in and he wears his collar 24/7. The collar arrived in 7 days and was packaged well . Thank you Hund. We love the collar!!❤️❤️🐾🐾❤️❤️


The collars are WONDERFUL! I ordered them with too large of a width, and the exchange went quickly and smoothly. Wonderful company, wonderful product!!!

Beautifully Crafted yet Highly Functional

This is a true ROLLED collar that is both beautifully made and highly functional. We have rare breed dogs with extensive ruffs. Other so-called “rolled” collars significantly matted their fur. The GIZMO rides beautifully without grabbing or matting. We now own two of these and both continue to perform beautifully!


It was too small :(