The glossary section provides more information on some of the terms that are widely used to describe the products available here at HUND Denmark. View below to learn more.

HUND Leather

Here at HUND Denmark, we take great pride in the quality of our products and make use of HUND leather in many of our products. We choose to work with leather as it contains chemical properties that are most similar to the natural chemistry of dogs, making it the most natural material for dogs to wear. In addition, leather is also extremely soft and comfortable, so your beloved pets won’t be irritated by wearing the accessory. This greatly reduces the likelihood of them attempting to scratch or remove the accessory, which can lead to injuries through excessive friction.

We use a unique type of leather that is different from approximately 90% of other leather goods in the market. Most leather products make use of harsh chemicals and irritants to speed up the process of manufacturing tanned leather as it is time-saving and cost-efficient. However, here at HUND, we believe that product quality and safety are of utmost importance. That is why instead of using harsh chemicals and irritants, all of our products are sourced from century-old Italian tanneries. There, vegetable-tanned leather is used and consists only of natural tannins that are extracted from plants like chestnut and quebracho trees. While this process takes about 40 days to complete and can be more costly, we believe that that this natural method to be kinder to our companions as well as the natural environment.

Limited Edition

Products that are marked limited edition are essentially limited items that are likely to not be restocked after it is sold out. As such, you may not have the opportunity to get your hands on these items after it has been sold out or removed from listing on our website.

Made on Demand

If the item you are interested in indicates made on-demand, it means that they are shipped separately from HUND’s orders and production only begins when you make an order. As such, these items are not eligible for refunds but only exchanges, following the same guidelines as HUND’s exchange policies that are meant for customers that reside in the United States.


Treats that are labeled organic contain fewer or no pesticides, fertilizers, synthetic herbicides, and other chemicals alike. As such, organic food is generally fresher since they don’t contain any preservatives. Food produced from natural means also reduces the likelihood of your pet being allergic to the treat.

Reflective Padded

Reflective padded accessories reflect light in the dark, making them ideal for use during nighttime. Should your pets be out at night, they will be more easily noticed by drivers and hence greatly reduce the incidence of any unfortunate traffic accident. If you are looking for accessories to protect your pet at night, then this is a good feature to look out for.