HUND Denmark originated in Copenhagen Denmark in 2003 and is a brand of elevated dog wear on a mission to make dog wear sustainable, stylish, comfortable and self empowering. Designed for the wellness focused pet parent, HUND dog wear feature a minimal aesthetic Danish design with functional features like inverted seam to protect dog’s hair paired with multi use leashes and harnesses to make walking versatile, fun and safe.

HUND Denmark expanded into the American market in 2017 and was embraced by pet parents seeking a sophisticated alternative to uncomfortable and toxin filled dog wear.

HUND Denmark believes that investing in quality leather dog wear can lead to incremental change in all areas of one’s life, from making life more comfortable to  reducing your environmental footprint. HUND’s mission is tied closely to the personal journey of our founder Anita Fuhrer and her Coton de Tulair who suffered from acute pancreatitis and severe allergies resulting in her dog almost passing away. Anita’s experience with her dog’s health issues as well as her daughter’s eczema and allergy issues led her to a wellness-focused lifestyle that includes meditation, exercise, clean eating and limiting toxins from our environment.

HUND's leather has been awarded the German Blue Angel Certificate for protecting the Environment and Health, Climate, Resources and Water.

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HUND Gives Back!
At the very core of Anita's heart is the need to help shelter dogs find a loving home!  HUND donates regularly to the local Non Kill Dog Shelter (Operation Kindness in Dallas TX) Please visit their site HERE to help and make a difference!