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Why leather products?

We make leather products because it is the most natural material for the dog to wear. Leather is most similar to the dog's natural chemistry and at the same time HUND's leather will not irritate the skin nor break the dogs hair shaft. It is incredibly soft and comfortable for your pet to wear. 

Leather is also a material that is biodegradable and it lasts for many years. In the long run this product becomes highly cost effective. 

It is important to note that HUND uses leather from century old Italian tanneries that use Vegetable tanned leather that does NOT use harsh chemicals unlike more than 90% of leather in the world. HUND's Vegetable tanned leather consists of natural tannins extracted from plants such as chestnut or quebracho tree to dye the leather.

The main ingredient in the vegetable leather tanning process is time. It takes about 40 days to transform raw hides into unique, durable and versatile vegetable tanned leather. Non Vegetable tanned leather is typically made in a couple of days using harsh chemicals.

HUND's tanning process is natural, environmentally friendly and combines Danish fashion with tradition as well as past with the future. 

So in the end, it may cost us a few more pennies  per square foot of leather, but we feel that it is a small price to pay for leather that will last longer, is kinder to our companions as well as the earth.

HUND's leather has been awarded the German Blue Angel Certificate


"The Blue Angel guarantees that a product or service meets high standards when it comes to its environmental, health and performance characteristics. In the process, these products and services are always evaluated across their entire life cycle. Criteria are developed for each individual product group that must be fulfilled by those products and services awarded with the Blue Angel. And in order to reflect technological advances, the Federal Environmental Agency reviews these criteria every three to four years. This process requires companies to constantly improve the environmental friendliness of their products over time.


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