Here at HUND, we promise to every one of our customers that all of the products purchased from us are guaranteed to be of quality. Before each of our products goes up and is made available for sale, they go through a stringent round of checks to ensure that they are safe and comfortable for use on every beloved pet. This includes checks on the quality of the material used, the comfortability of the product, and whether any defects are evident in the product. As such, our customers can rest assured that the items they purchase are non-defective.

In addition to that, we also carefully consider the elements of our products every step of the way, even after the ideation stage or after production has already started. Prevention is cure, and we want to ensure that any potential hazards are eliminated as much as possible before the product is approved. This includes consideration about the bone structure or fur considerations of pets, so every pet gets to enjoy a comfortable product.

That is why unlike 90% of leather products available in the United States, the leather we use is sourced through natural means that contain no irritants nor chemicals that may cause reactions in the skins of pets. 

Wherever possible, we aim to use our unique leather as the preferred material for the items we put up on display. This is because we are extremely confident about the quality of the leather produced.

Apart from that, leather is also an extremely environmentally-friendly option for pet tools and accessories since they are a biodegradable material, as compared to other materials like plastic. The leather we use is sourced from century-old Italian tanneries.


Should you for any reason be unsatisfied with your purchase here, you may contact us for help as well as to initiate a refund or exchange so long as it meets our return and exchange policy. In a nutshell, you may choose to request your refund through our email at Should there be any hiccups in the email process or if you prefer other methods of approaching us, you may also choose to give us a text at the number 972-322-0814.

However, do note that a $3.99 return label will be emailed to you. In addition to that, the returns and exchange rules of our products mentioned only apply to those that reside in the United States. You should also take note that the guarantee does not apply to products purchased from unauthorized sellers and retailers, such as unauthorized Internet platforms.

With the guarantee, you can rest assured that the quality of our pet accessories is top-notch and one that your pets will love.