Luxury 6 Way Leather Leash Small/Large Dogs


The Perfect Marriage of Luxury and Functionality- ONE LEASH TO RULE THEM ALL

With this lavish 6-way leather leash, you are sure to stand out and gain the envy of others at the park. You can now bring multiple little pups to the park with ease and all in one single leash. Simply pick a color that fits your pup the best and the leash will do the rest! You can even pair the leash with a matching collar to create a uniform and lavish look. Made from the highest-quality leather, HUND’s collars are made from soft Italian leather and are all handmade.

6 Leashes in One  

  • Transforms to 4' 5' and 6' in length, Cross Body Leash (Handsfree), 2 Dog Leash
  • Quick and Easy to transform (See video below)
  • Schock Absorbing
  • Modern Danish Design
  • Safe while providing freedom for your pup
  • Strong and Durable 
  • Velvety Soft Luxurious Italian Leather
  • Sustainable Leather

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    The BALDY Leash is the most versatile and easy-to-use leash on the market with the intention to make your and your pup's life easier and safer. It is able to be used in 5 different ways easily and quickly for your convenience and your busy lifestyle in mind. 

    One leash can be used as a 4', 5', or 6', Cross Body Leash (Handsfree), and a 2 dog leash.

    We are all unique with different needs and our pups are no different. When training or simply walking/running with your companion there are times where you want them right next to you for optimal control and safety and other times where you want to give them the space to venture out while remaining in complete control. 

    Other times you simply wish you had more hands so you could not only hold the leash but also push the stroller/ carry the groceries/ jogging and the list goes on and on.

    We cannot stress the importance of safety enough! So while retractable leashes at first glance seem to be the best option for giving your pup space, they can be dangerous and potentially hurt you and your pup. (For more information Please Read Below the 10 Reasons why you should not use a Retractable Leash.)  

    BALDY is not only multifunctional but it also looks, feels, and smells amazing! Yes, you read right, it smells amazing!

    The leather used is Vegetable Tanned Italian Leather that is velvety soft, durable, and dyed with natural dyes derived from plants.
    The Leather is Eco Friendly without the use of Chemicals unlike over 90% of most leather in the world today.

    HUND's leather has a very luxurious feel comparable to the nicest leather jacket or purse. You and your pup will look and feel amazing using this leash. Safety, Versatility, Comfort, and Style all in one.

    BALDY comes available in four different widths depending on your preference and the size of your dogs. We recommend that smaller dogs use 1/4" to 1/3" sized leashes while medium-sized dogs use 1/3" to 2/5" sized leashes. Larger dogs can use leashes of 1/2" thickness to ensure good control.

    The thicker the lead the softer and more comfortable it feels for the owner.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 67 reviews
    Mary D
    My dog is a fashionista!

    This leash is very well made with much attention to detail. It appears to be high-quality leather and such a beautiful color. I love the adjustability this leash provides, particularly the cross-body option which allows me to walk my dog hands free. I also purchased the matching rolled collar and waste bag holder. Anita was great to work with. She responded to all of my communications.

    Wendimarie Haven
    1 Leash that Does It All

    Love the quality, design and multi-functionality of this leash. Super pleased with the size of the leash for my small Maltese puppy.

    Well worth the wait!

    Fantastic combo of custom harness and 6 way leash. The quality is worth every penny! I ordered this two months ago and waited (not so) patiently for it to arrive. Just when I thought I'd have to ask for a refund, the package was delivered. Hang in there! The product is on its way:)

    Richard Mattison
    haven't received yet.

    I'll let you know when I get it.

    Supple, securely stitched, beautiful 6 In One Leash

    Feels like fine bridal leather in your hand. The leash is easy to attach to your dots collar and eliminates the need for multiple training leashes. For a dog that’s trained to heel you can lengthen the leash giving your dog different experiences when in hand. I recommend it to friends and will buy again. It’s getting harder and harder to find rolled leather dollars and leashes. If you have a long haired dog I also recommend the rolled collar. We’ve had ours for years.