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BALDY- Wide No Hair Matting Collar

 Modern,  Sophisticated  and Timeless  Design

                  Recognized by Modern Dog Magazine as a favorite product for 2017

  • Eliminates Hair Pulling/Matting
  • Prevents Skin Rashes/Itching
  • No toxic Chemicals Touching your pup unlike 90% leather out there!
  • Most natural and hypoallergenic material for a pet to wear 
  • Luxurious and Velvety Soft Italian Leather with Dyes from Plants 
  • Padded/Cushioned Inside for optimal pillow soft comfort
  • Light weight
  • Simplistic and Functional Scandinavian design 
  • Environmental friendly tanning process
  • Hand made with Hand Stitched Details




This HUND collar differs from other round collars on the market in that we don't use rolled leather (Which is hard and not very comfortable for the dog). We use highest grade supple Italian Vegetable Tanned leather (Colors naturally derived from plants and no use of chemicals) with a nylon robe on the inside for durability and safety.

The collar is velvety soft as well as strong. We have removed outside stitching and edging on the round part of the collar to provide optimal comfort for the pet and avoid matting in the neck area, rubbing and hair breakage/pulling. 

If your dog suffers from sensitive skin, allergies, and/or is bothered by flat collars, this collar will be the one to choose. HUND's leather is the most natural material for the dog to wear because it is most similar to the dog's natural chemistry. At the same time, HUND only uses Vegetable Tanned leather with dyes derived from plants and without chemicals that often can irritate the dog's skin. 



Unfortunately too many dogs suffer from hair matting issues especially in the neck area due to bothersome dog collars and fur simply being prone to matting. Hair matting can be very uncomfortable and painful to the pet. In fact, hair matting can cause many rashes, skin irritation and pull the hair to the point of bruising. The only way to get rid off hair matting is to get the dog groomed and cut of the matted area.

Hair matting typically starts in the neck area but you can prevent it by using HUND's round dog collars. Your dog will love the feeling of a  velvety soft and light collar without painful matting.

Sizing: We recommend  to purchase 1" larger than your pets neck size. If your pet measures 11" (Loosely measured around the neck) than we suggest a size 12" If your pet measures 12" we suggest the next available size 14".  





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