5 Best Types Of Dog Exercises For Overall Health

While most dogs are eager when it comes to walks and playtime, you might have to push a little more to get your pup to exercise in other ways – you can do this through training and building a routine. Here, we list 5 types of dog exercises that will boost your dog’s overall health.

Walks, Jogs and Runs

This one isn’t new to seasoned dog owners, but if you’ve welcomed a new friend to the family recently, you’ll notice that dogs need to be trained to go on walks. You can keep your walks short at first, perhaps capping the duration at 20 minutes, and increase the time gradually. Once your dog is comfortable with their walking routine, switch it up to a jog or a run! Just make sure that you’re vigilant about their health – over-exercising them will hurt in the long run, so you want to be sure that the amount of exercise that you’re giving your dog is suitable for their age, personality, size and overall health status. If your dog doesn’t do any other type of activity and they are physically capable, try and ensure that they get 45 to 60 minutes’ worth of walking a day.

Obedience Training

This trains both your dog’s physical and mental capabilities. Start out with a bow or handshake, then teach them commands for fetching, sitting and others that could help for future indoor and outdoor games. When training, it’s important to keep rewards handy – preferably in the form of both treats and cuddles!


This is an easy game to play and you’ll require only a ball, stick or toy, and space. Simply throw the object of your choice some distance away from you and get your dog to bring it back! You’ll need some training to accomplish this, but once your dog picks it up, this will be a fun game for you both. A frisbee also works, if you want to step it up! 

Stair Climbing

Try throwing a soft toy up the stairs and get your dog to bound up and get it! You can also ask them to follow you while you’re climbing up and down. Show them your appreciation when they climb the stairs, either with treats, praise or pets. If your dog has hip dysplasia or any other similar condition, however, they actually should avoid climbing the stairs. Always bring your dog to the vet for regular check-ups to catch any conditions that they might have. Hip dysplasia requires an X-ray for diagnosis. 

Nose Work 

This is another activity that trains both body and mind. Nose work is popular with dog owners to sharpen their dog’s thinking and smelling abilities. This activity sharpens a dog’s faculties and keeps them physically active. Leave treats around your house or yard and let your dog try and find them! We recommend this one especially if it’s raining and you can’t bring your dog out, since this game can be played indoors. If your dog’s meal consists of kibble, you can also leave their kibble around the house once in a while using the same principle to make dinner a bit more fun.