6 Easy & Fun Dog Tricks That Are Easy To Teach

Dogs are inherently smart and love to learn new tricks. You can teach your dog all kinds of fun stuff! If you're looking for easy and fun dog tricks, here are some of our favorites that will impress your friends and family:

Give a High Five

Giving a High Five is a great trick to teach your dog. You will need dog treats, patience, and positive reinforcement. This trick can be taught through clicker training or hand signals if your dog is old enough to follow them (between 6 months and one year). Once you have prepared your dog how to give you a high five, you can reward them with treats from time to time. However, you mustn't always reward him/her for this trick as it could get boring for him/her over time. Also, keep in mind that when teaching this trick, it's important not only for the dog but also for yourself because it helps build confidence in both parties!

Roll Over

If your dog loves to roll over and rest, then this is an easy trick to teach. It's also a great way for them to burn off some extra energy!

To train your dog to roll over:

  1. Start by sitting on the floor with your dog and offering him a treat.
  2. When he is looking away from you, place the treat just behind him so that he has no choice but to roll over in order for him to get it. This will be repeated until he gets used to it and learns what you want from him.
  3. Once he does this consistently, move the treat closer and ask if he would like it before repeating it again until he is ready for more advanced training exercises.

 Bang Your Head 

First, take your dog's usual seat by sitting on the floor facing him. Hold a treat before his nose and move it over his head. If he follows the treat with his head, say "bang!" and give him the treat immediately. Repeat this exercise two or three times until he knows what you want him to do when you say "bang!"

Spin In A Circle

The dog should be sitting when you start this trick. Start by getting your dog to face you and giving the command "spin in a circle." When the dog obeys, keep spinning them until they stop on their own. Be sure not to hold onto the leash! If your dog does not follow, try again later with another command like "go for a walk" or even get up and pass by them (but don't touch them).

Jump And Catch Treats

This trick is a great way to practice your dog's jumping skills, which you can use later for other schemes. The next step is teaching them to catch treats in midair.

  • Start by holding a treat above your dog's head and gently squeeze it, so it drops halfway down his nose to level with him. This will help draw his attention upward and get him used to looking up at your hand and practicing jumping up on command (if he doesn't already know how).
  • Then hold the treat above his head like before, but this time pull it back further so that he has an easier time jumping up and catching it in his mouth when he does so successfully! Practice this until he gets used to doing both steps in unison, then move on from there.