6 Fun And Engaging Indoor Games To Play With Your Dog

When you’re stuck at home, the mood and spirits are generally low. Especially when you’re stuck at home against your will. However, this experience of being stuck at home might be more stifling for your pet dog, who might have a lot of energy that they are unable to release. Fortunately, we understand the emotions of pet owners and their pets. Even if you are stuck indoors, you can still take part in fun indoor games with your dog that stimulate them mentally and physically. Here are six fun and engaging indoor games that you can play with your dog if you’re unable to leave your home.

Hiding Treats

Helping your dog find treats using only their sense of smell is a way for them to use their sense of smell. Sometimes, despite having a very strong sense of smell, dogs do not utilize their noses as much as they should. You can set out some boxes upside down and hide a delicious treat in one of those boxes. Encourage your pet to smell the boxes and when you see them pause at the box that contains the treat, reward them! Smelling is a great way for your pet to be mentally stimulated.

Tug Of War

Playing tug of war does not require much space so it’s the perfect indoor activity when it’s raining out. Tug is a great bonding activity for the two of you and can also be both physically and mentally challenging for your pet, allowing them to get stimulated sufficiently even when indoors.

Teaching Your Pet New Tricks

Training is important for your dog, no matter the age, and is something that you can always do. Indoor dog training is easy and fuss-free because all you need is a couple of treats. Whether your dog is great with their commands or is still learning, practicing these commands indoors can help to reinforce these tricks. This can be fun if you use toys and treats that your pet loves.

Running Up the Stairs

The stairs in your house can be another great tool for when you’re stuck indoors and need a way for your dog to release their energy. For bigger dogs, they tend to get more restless when they don’t get their daily exercise needs in. Running up and down the stairs with them can be a fun way for them to release their energy.

Playing Tag

Tag is something that requires slightly more space and helps your dog train their running and recall skills. Grab another partner and make them stand on the other side of the room. Both of you should have treats and when you call your dog’s name, the person who your pet runs to gets to reward your pet. The more that your dog runs around, the more they get worn out!

Indoor Obstacle Course

Setting up an indoor obstacle course is another fun way for your dog to break their routine. If you’re snowed in and predict that you’re not going to be able to bring your dog out for a while, taking the time to set up an indoor course can be a good temporary fix.