7 Reasons You Should Play With Your Dog More

Playtime with your dog is one of the best parts of being a dog owner. Unlike the chores of feeding, cleaning, and early mornings for their walks, playtime seems to be one of the moments where you and your dog are both enjoying yourselves. No part of it feels cumbersome or boring! However, for many pet owners, playtime is a fun, optional supplement. Therefore, playtime occurs far and few between. However, we are here to encourage you to switch this up and make playtime a part of your routine with your beloved pets. Read on to find out seven reasons why you should play with your dog more.

Play Helps in Dog Training

Playtime seems like a time where you’re letting your dog loose, but you’rereinforcing good behavior during these moments. For example, if your dog begins acting aggressive when you’re playing tug of war and you stop playing the game. This reinforces the idea that your dog should not act aggressively. Even though this is not like traditional training, it’s an exciting way for your dog to pick up good habits.

Play Provides Mental Stimulation

Games such as hide and seek or fetch are not only physical in nature, but they are also mentally stimulating. These games train your dog’s ability to make decisions and build focus as well.

Play Is a Good Form of Exercise

Most dogs, even the smaller breeds, have a ton of energy. It is important to engage them in regular exercise so that this energy can be released, and play is one of the best ways to do that. You can add inplay as a good supplement to your daily walks. Sometimes, a few minutes of play can be more exhausting for your dog than a half-hour hike!

Play Relieves Stress

Not all the benefits of play are only good for your dog! Play is a great way for you, as a pet owner, to relieve stress too. It can boost your mood and studies have shown that spending time with your dog can have a calming effect. It can alleviate emotions of anxiety and depression within you.

Play Strengthens Your Bond with Your Dog

Spending quality time with your pet through play is another way for the two of you to have a stronger, deeper connection. Since you’re the one administering the fun, it makes your dog associate you with enjoyment and happiness!

Play Decreases Problem Behaviors in Dogs

Dogs who regularly engage in playtime are less likely to get bored, which is very important because boredom is what causes behavioral problems. For example, when dogs are bored, they begin barking excessively and chewing as this becomes their source of entertainment when the external world is no longer interesting.

Play Improves Your Social Life

Play, especially when you carry out playtime in public spots like parks, are great ways for you to become more social too! You get to meet other pet owners and maybe, even make a lifelong friend.