Building A Stronger Bond With Your Dog

Be it a puppy or an older dog, our desire would be to have a strong, loving relationship with our furry companions. We spend so much time with them that it’s only natural that we would want to have a good relationship with them. Be it your relationship with your parent, your child, your dog,or your partner, all relationships require work. It may seem strange initially but implementing the following tips can be very useful in strengthening your bond with your dog.

Spending Time Together

For a relationship, spending quality time is the most important way to make the bond between you and your pet stronger. Time together with your pet allows you to understand them better and in turn, they learn to read your bodily cues better too! After a prolonged time together, dogs begin to sense your emotional states as well and this can be a great source of comfort for you.

Communicating Clearly With Your Pet

Clear communication is important in every relationship, even the one with your pet. You should be consistent when you’re communicating and training your dog because they thrive off repeated behavior. Your visual cues are more important than your verbal cues, so just be mindful that you’re giving them consistent visual cues.

Creating A Routine With Your Pet

As mentioned, routines are important for your pet dog. They like consistency and exciting routines give them something to look forward to. Having consistent feeding times, bathroom breaks and other routines can build greater trust between your pet and yourself.

Engaging In Play Time

Playtime is one of the best times that you can spend with your beloved pet! Play is fun for both you and your pet. There are many benefits of play. For example, it allows your dog to release its energy in a productive manner and also allows them to be mentally stimulated. The best benefit of play, however, is that actively participating in playtime allows your dog to associate you with fun. This can bring the two of you closer together!

Giving Your Dog Space

Relationships are also about boundaries and your relationship with your dog is no different. Sometimes, giving your pet the space to be alone is what can help to make your relationship with them stronger. Dogs are den animals that enjoy having their own space. So, ensure that the need of your dog is met by creating a safe space for it. Just like how your room is your personal safe space, you can create a small corner in your home that is safe for your pet too. Having a crate or a dog bed allows your dog to retreat to this space when they feel overwhelmed, want a break from noisy visitors, or desire a quick nap.

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