How To Exercise With Your Puppy For Physical & Mental Stimulation

Have you ever wanted to exercise with a puppy but couldn’t find a perfect way to do it? You’re not alone. All pet owners sympathize with you, especially if your puppies are new to mental and physical exercise. It can be challenging to catch your puppy's attention because of distractions. But with effort and patience, you absolutely can! As a fur parent, you do whatever it takes to ensure your fur babies grow up healthy. Playing with them or keeping them company is one of the few things you can do to lead them on a fulfilling canine journey. You may wonder what you can do to get them interested in their exercises. Luckily, we have some tips to keep your pup's furry body and brain active.

Always Reward Good Behavior

Rewarding good behavior is the number one rule for success in exercise for puppies. Be it positive reinforcement, dog treats, or even playing with your dog in the house, rewarding good behavior is a sure-fire way to get your puppy moving. Here are a few things you can do to reinforce good behavior:

  • Say “yes” when your puppy asks for something.
  • Give your puppy toys to play with.
  • Allow your puppy to choose the toys you give to him.
  • Set up a “puppy-proof” area in your home.
  • Always praise your puppy when he does what he’s supposed to do.
  • And last, don’t forget to exercise your adult dog too!

Walk Your Puppy as Much as You Can

If you don't start exercising your puppies soon, they may not get the exercise needed and may become lazy. Start with a simple fetch, tug-of-war, or toss a ball. These exercises will help your puppy get moving and strengthen muscles. Your puppy should be able to walk and run independently by around six to nine months. If he's not ready to manage that, you can hire a dog walker and let your puppy work on their schedule. Otherwise, you can walk with your puppy in a dog sling, like a soft crate, to catch him when he falls. This will also help your puppy avoid injury and keep him from getting bored.

What are the Exercises You Can do to Train Them?

Physical exercise can be anything from a quick walk on a leash, to a game of fetch. Mental exercises can be chasing toys, puzzles, or other games or just lying on the floor and watching TV. As your puppy ages, you can incorporate more complex exercises, like outdoor walking, running on the spot, and even hiking or swimming. Exercising with your puppy shouldn’t be limited to physical activities, though. Besides keeping them fit, you can encourage mental stimulation by giving your puppy cognitive exercises like teaching them how to sit, stay, and down.


Physical exercise is essential for all dogs, but it's especially crucial for puppies. Their short size and high energy levels often make them easy prey. Therefore, giving them regular workouts to keep them in shape is a must. We can help you find the perfect items for your puppies by visiting HUND Denmark or contacting us here.