Is Your Dog Bored? 7 Visible Signs & What To Do

Do you ever find yourself wondering what on earth your dog is doing? They're not just sitting around, they're bored too! It could be dangerous for your dog's well-being if you ignore these changes to their action, especially if it gets out of hand. Boredom can trigger negative behaviors like chewing on things they shouldn't be chewing on, or trying to get into places they shouldn't be. With this, you can already picture the mess in your house waiting. That's why it’s crucial to take action before your dog becomes destructive. Is your dog bored? In this blog post, we help you understand your woofer's boredom and what to do about it before it becomes a problem. Here are the 7 tell-tale signs to watch for in your fur babies. If you notice your dog exhibiting any of these behaviors, you need to do something to make them happy!


The first sign that your dog might be bored is they start to whine or show other signs of discomfort. A bored dog has no idea how to express themselves, so they'll often show frustration through whining and shortness of breath.

Running in Circles

Your dog may be running in circles due to boredom or anxiety. You should give them plenty of mental stimulation and exercise to help address the behavior. In a case like this, a furball round harness could lend you a hand to get even more control over your hyper friend!

Excessive Chewing

If your dog gets bored, he may start chewing on things other than his usual chew toy or bone. This can include your furniture, shoes, or even the walls of your home.

Boredom Licking

You may suspect your dog licks his paws to groom himself, but this could also mean that he’s bored. It indicates that he needs to play with you or another dog.

Pawing for Attention

Pawing for attention is a natural behavior for dogs and usually occurs when they seek attention, comfort, or forgiveness.


If dogs are bored, they may try to find ways to have fun on their own, like digging in your yard or breaking things. This can be destructive, so be careful not to let your furry friend get too bored.


There are a lot of things that can make your dog bark. The mailman, a bird outside the window, or the wind can do this. If your dog's barking gets almost disturbing to you or your neighbors, they might be bored and looking for ways to amuse themselves.

Strategies for Preventing Dog Boredom

Dogs are social creatures who enjoy human and other company. When they’re bored, they can become aggressive, or even die from a heart attack. Luckily, boredom is not a long-term condition and can be overcome with the right exercises, treats, and love from you. Some ways to fight boredom are as follows:

  • Provide them with plenty of exercises.
  • Playtime outside.
  • Mental stimulation such as agility training, scent games, hide and seek, and fetch.
  • Give them interactive toys and puzzle feeders to keep them busy.
  • Make sure they get plenty of socialization with other dogs and people.

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