How To Keep Your Dog's Teeth In Top Condition

We all want our pets to lead a good and healthy lifestyle and proper dental hygiene is one of the main aspects of their health that can help them maintain happiness. Periodontal disease affects a high percentage of adult dogs which can implicate their general well-being. If you are looking to help your dog maintain proper oral hygiene, here are some tips on how to care for your dog’s teeth so they remain in top condition to combat periodontal disease.

Go for Regular Cleanings

The most important aspect of maintaining your dog’s dental health is to schedule them for regular cleanings and examinations at their dentist. After going over the age of three, about 80 percent of dogs have severe periodontal disease which needs to be treated. These dental problems may lead to life-threatening complications as well as other health problems like liver, heart, and kidney disease. You can help your dog to keep its teeth healthy and not reach this critical stage. When you are consistent in scheduling regular cleanings and examinations for your dog’s teeth, they will get to maintain their dental hygiene without worry.

Brushing Teeth Daily

There are at-home dental care kits that you can get from stores to help maintain your dog’s oral health. Brush your dog’s teeth every day to prevent harmful bacteria from building up on their gums and teeth. The bacteria that causes periodontal disease can quickly build up in a matter of just 24 to 36 hours so you need to act fast and brush your dog’s teeth daily. Make sure to use pet toothbrushes that are soft as well as toothpaste that is suitable for pets. You may also wish to simply use your finger with a small dab of toothpaste before letting your dog sniff and lick it. If the reaction is positive, then go ahead with using a toothbrush.

Feeding Appropriately

Dry food is actually better for your dog’s dental health as compared to soft food. The crunchiness of dry food helps to scrape away tartar as your dog eats. Soft food, on the other hand, is more likely to stick to their teeth and in turn causes plaque to build up. If you need help on selecting their food, get help from a vet to determine the right diet to feed them to ensure optimal oral health.

Chew Toys that Promote Oral Health

Get chew toys that can help to support your dog’s oral health. The toys, such as non-abrasive balls, keep your dog’s teeth and gums cleaner. Be sure to seek proper recommendations on the types of toys that are safe for your dog’s breed. Toys are also crucial to keep your pet entertained so they can achieve a deep sense of fulfillment.

Enjoy that Smile

Even if your dog’s teeth appear to be healthy from the outside, it is still essential for you to bring them to their dentist for regular examinations. The dentist can detect any signs of plaque or tartar buildup that can implicate their oral health. Early detection is always better to provide the necessary treatment early to help prevent severe complications that can harm their overall health.