Is Your Dog Hyperactive? Here's What To Do

If you have a hyperactive dog that seems overly excited over anything and everything, the problem may stem from either a lack of stimulation or just plain boredom. In order to assess the problem, you have to determine the root cause during your interaction with your dog. Depending on the kind of activity that you carry out with your dog, you can find out where the hyperactivity stems from. We have gathered several techniques that are simple to follow at home to keep your hyperactive dog calm during activities.

Ignore the Behavior

Dogs often crave for your attention. When you give them the attention they seek during hyperactive outbursts, you are reinforcing that behavior. To eliminate this issue, simply ignore the hyper behavior the next time you see your dog jumping or nipping at you in an overly-excited way. Do not touch them or give eye contact and figure out how it turns out. You might be surprised at how fast your dog will settle down.

Keep Your Dog Occupied

When your dog is occupied, it will tend to be less hyper. Hyperactivity in dogs can come from psychological needs or various physical needs. When your dog has something to do, you are redirecting their hyperactive energy into something else. You can try letting your dog wear a backpack to divert their attention to carrying the backpack instead of being distracted by something else.

Take Your Dog for a Walk

Dogs that have a lot of built-up energy have a bigger tendency to be hyperactive. When you take your dog for a walk, you get to redirect that energy to the outdoors. Dogs burn energy during their walks and they will be too exhausted to be overly excited. Without the extra energy, your dog will find it easier to stay calm and relaxed.

Check Your Own Energy

Your dog’s behavior can at times be a reflection of your own. Any energy that you project will be mirrored by your dog. Check your current state of mind and whether or not you are projecting a calm and relaxed mind or are you asserting a sense of stress onto your dog. Whether you are nervous or burdened by some thoughts, your dog can pick up on those feelings and will mirror them through body language like being hyperactive. Always speak in a low tone of voice and when you cannot avoid showcasing any forms of anxiety or stress, do it in a separate room. You are considered the pack leader so you need to tune in the right energy whenever your dog is present.

Try Aromatherapy

Dogs basically experience the world by scent. When a person gets stressed, sniffing essential oils through aromatherapy can help to calm our nerves. Aromatherapy has the same soothing effect on dogs. You can try lavender which has a calming effect to try to reduce your dog’s hyperactivity. Consider talking to a vet to determine if aromatherapy is indeed suitable for your dog’s breed. A holistic approach can definitely lower the main triggers of your dog’s excitement.