Hunting Dog Essentials: 6 Things You'll Need

Are you planning to take your 4-legged best friend on a hunting trip? Taking your dog along with you can be a great asset, as they can help you track prey. They can also alert you when an animal is nearby and help you retrieve it once you’ve done your part. Your dog’s companionship and protection out in the wild can definitely make your hunting trip enjoyable and safe. However, you must prepare hunting dog essentials for your paw friend before getting into the game. Just like you, your dog also needs their own food, water, and safety protection. Here is a list of things you’ll need when you’re hunting with your dog:

Reflective Vest and collar

When out on a hunting trip, a reflective vest and collar ensure the safety of your dog. They help keep your 4-legged companion visible in low light and avoid being mistaken for game by other fellow hunters.

Invest in a Leather Leash

When it comes to hunting, the best leash you can get for your dog is a leather leash. A 6-foot leather leash is enough for your 4-legged best friend to move around freely while keeping them close and under control. A leather leash is strong and can be used for a long time.

Always Bring a Dog First Aid Kit

Pray that you don’t need to use it, but it’s handy to bring along. Just like you, your dog needs a first aid kit too. If anything happens, be prepared. Whether it’s a small wound or serious injury, a dog first aid kit will help you patch up your companion when on a hunting trip.

Prepare Food and Water

A hunting trip can be exhausting and your dog needs the energy to keep up with you. You may want to bring some food and portable water bowls for them to stay hydrated and energized. These two things will ensure your dog will have the proper fuel when out in the wild.

Don’t Forget the Poop Bags

Your 4-legged best friend may need to poop during your hunting trip. Because their poop can be damaging to the environment, it’s important for you to be courteous and clean up after your dog. Bring along some poop bags and a waste bag holder to help keep the environment clean.

Motivate with Dog Treats

Your dog needs to have fun while on a hunting trip. Dog treats can help with motivation and even encourage your dog to be on its best behavior. You can use treats to reward your dog whenever they’ve done something good. This also strengthens your bond while on a hunting trip.

In Summary

While hunting can be a great sport for you to spend time with your dog, it can be dangerous if you’re not prepared. Aside from your safety, always think ahead and prepare these essentials for your 4-legged friend before going on a hunting trip. Want to get the best products for your hunting dog? Visit and contact us at HUND Denmark.