Is Your Dog Bored? Five Visible Signs & What To Do

Getting a pet dog is always exciting and new. You now have a furry buddy to love, care for and share special moments with. Dogs are very vibrant creatures who always enjoy fun and physically engaging activities, and this is part of what makes them the perfect companions. The reality, however, is that a lot of people have to leave their dogs home alone while they spend most of the day at work or school. Understandably, this routine can make your dog bored.

How to Tell if Your Dog Is Bored

  • Incessant Barking

If your dog is getting bored, you may notice that they bark incessantly. Their response to the world in those times would simply be to bark and in some extreme cases, your pet dog could resort to howling at neighbors, animals or the gardener!

  • Mischievous Behaviors

You may also notice that they seem to get into some kind of mischief like spilling the trash. They might even try their paws at doing the laundry. The only thing is, you may have unmentionable personal items on display around the house.

  • Destructive Chewing

Worse still, your canine friend could exhibit destructive chewing behaviors. You might just come home to a half-eaten sofa, tattered curtains or pillows turned cotton balls.

  • Wandering and Escaping

You may notice that your pet dog is becoming easily distracted. In this case, they tend to wander off chasing a lizard or a butterfly as a way of escape. This mostly happens when you are out with them. Maybe you had to take a business call or speak with your lawyer. In that time, your dog will probably find some way to entertain themselves. Here is where a really good dog leash would come in handy to ensure that your dog stays within your reach.

  • Hyper-Excitement

Finally, if you notice that your furry friend has been hyper excited when you come home from work, they may be trying to show just how bored they were when you left. In this case, they will most likely be frenzied and too distracted by your presence to respond to commands like, “sit”. If you have been noticing any of these behaviors in your dog recently, the chances are, they are feeling really bored. There is no need to be alarmed here. You just need to find out how to keep them happy and engaged.

What to Do to Keep Your Dog Engaged and Happy

Food-stuffed toys are a great way to keep your dog engaged. Dogs are naturally built for chewing so this combines well with their natural tendencies. The same goes for chew dog toys. Just be sure to check that these toys are not too small or else they can pose a threat to your dog’s health. A good way to test the size of a toy is following this rule of thumb: if it can fit into your dog’s mouth then it is too small.

You can also set up a food hunt for your pawed friend before you leave for work. Hide dog treats in their favorite corners of the house. Help them find the first few so that they get the hang of the game. This will keep them happily in search of more.

Another great tip is to leave the TV on. Increase the volume to a reasonable level so that your dog is entertained. The sounds from the TV shows will help mask distractions from outside the house. Finally, a surprise visit from a friend, neighbor or professional pet sitter will really help your dog.